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Use and abuse of language

​Funky Thinkers are not abstract and blue sky thinkers, but demand socially acceptable communication.

After all, what is reasonably on time.  Something you'd never get in Switzerland!

We are generally supportive of.....

Someone who will change direction at any point in time without any advance notice, or reason why.

The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

The Funky Thinkers Guide to looking good on video

The world is split into two types of people... Those who would rather sandpaper the end of their tongue rather than appear on video. And those who think a camera phone which is switched off must be broken. Which one are you? ​

The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

What is a local circuit guru?

If you go to local networking events, you will have seen a local circuit guru. Maybe you are one. (Without knowing it of course - I just invented the term).

But what the heck is a local circuit guru?

The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

The sad and lonely life of the average opt in box. (Part 1)

​Most opt in boxes are sad and lonely. Nobody loves them. Their owners lovingly crafted them.  Lovingly spending (misguided) care and attention on them in the forelorn hope they will collect email addresses.

Sadly though, most internet users are too busy and too stressed these days. They don't care.

If it was any other industry, the opt in boxes would have their own celebrities making charitable appeals on TV.

The good news is, if you are an opt in box, you can help your owner to collect more emails by getting them to watch this video below.

opt inx

Lana from Montana

​In this episode, I find out that Montana is near the Canadian border.

We discuss - "More than four ingredients in a food? Lana won't eat it..."

My new discovery of Cherry coke with a hint of chilli - How did we ever survive without it?

Plus - If you are from the future - you will understand that sending birthday cards will eventually be part of history.

PLUS - Even better than that - Lana is the new leader of FUNKQUEST with a superb score of 288 1/2.

The half is for mistaking George Harrison for John Lennon.

But hey - we can all make mistakes when answering questions we have never seen before. You should try it - it's very FUNKY.

You can contact Lana on

Lana from Montana

​Check out the new leaderboard

Funkquest scoreboard
The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

FUNKY FIVES:Goofing around time…

​FUNKY FIVES are a quick way to see if you have Funky Thinking potential.

Depending on what you answer - you could be one of three things. Funky Thinkers wannabe, Funky Thinkers apprentice or Funky Thinkers ROCKSTAR.

BUT - remember the serious side. IDEAS and BREAKTHROUGHS come from unlikely and unusual sources. So have a pencil and paper handy to write down anything that comes to mind.

worlds most effective word

Allen Wagner – Ambition and double deker buses

​That's according to LA Therapist Allen Wagner.

In this episode - Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, London buses, ambition (& why people living in LA are shallow), what did Allen do every Sunday for months & months and why this impacts on a sense of self.

Plus, why do women feel the need to gossip as a kind of social currency?

Remember - in FUNKQUEST - contestents never know the questions in advance - it is purely a game of Funky Thinking on your feet (or webcam).

We need to get Talia (Mrs Wagner) on FUNKQUEST next to see if she scores more points. (Clue - she will..)

You can contact Allen via or

​Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the extract below.

​As far as the scoreboard is concerned - Michael Sherlock is still top with 279 points.​

FUNKQUEST scoreboard
The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

Gurus with hyper aggressive email sequences

​I know the feeling - you stick your hand up for something and BAM. You get BATTERED with email.

More email than you can shake a stick at.

Email out of all proportion with what you stuck your hand up to get.

And you dread going to your inbox because you are drowning in pure sales garbage.

No meaningful way to avoid it - unless you are a FUNKY THINKER.

The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1
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