October 10, 2022

What is it like to be a bobsledder ? with Team GB’s Nikki McSweeney

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Nikki McSweeney took a break from sliding down icy runways to stop by FunkQuest with resident FUNKSTER, Rustie Macdonald.

You can support Nikki in her journey to faster faster via her just giving link.

Or listen to the Audio below

Question 1

Rustie chose the  'Walking Boots'

Where do you go for down time?

Nikki picked the 'Mountain Bike'

What mishap have you had with someone who didn't speak english?

Question 2

Rustie liked the 'Scuba Diver'

How do you transport your equipment around?

Nikki wanted the 'seascape'

Which local culture do you wish you could have brought home?

Question 3

Rustie picked the 'Socks'

When is an adventure more fun alone?

Nikki chose the 'pride of lions'

When do you start planning a trip?

Question 4

Rustie wanted the 'Snake'

When did your camera fail on you?

Nikki liked the 'Mountain'

How do Bobsleigh teams train?

Question 5

Rustie liked the look of the 'Campfire'

What happened on your latest road trip?

Nikki chose the 'Road'

What is on your bucket list? 

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Team GB

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