March 27, 2023

Round the world on a tandem with Laura Massey-Pugh

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22Kg of Luggage doesn't seem to be a lot for a round the world trip, but when you are the ones having to carry everything you need, from bike equipment to food and water, going up those hills can be hard work. If nothing else it's a good way to lose weight.

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Question 1

Laura chose the 'Mountain biker'

What mishap have you had with someone who didn't speak English?

Question 2

Laura decided on the 'Old Map'

Which local culture do you wish you had brought home?

Question 3

A 'Pride of Lions' was next

When did you start planning your trip?

Question 4

Laura picked the 'Couple hiking'

Who did you meet on your adventure?


The 'Camp fire' looked tempting

How close did you come to giving up?

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