September 20, 2022

World dominos champion Travis Newsome

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3 x world dominos champion Travis Newsome drops by FunkQuest to share some funk with us.
Travis got a prescription from his Doctor so he can play dominos every day...

We find out what it is like at the domino world championship. Is trash talking (sledging) allowed?
Travis explains how some of students are now beating him (so he isn't that smart after all)...

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Question 1

Joshua chose the 'Apples'

How well can you read a map?

Travis chose to answer the same question

Question 2

Joshua picked the 'Camel'

What was your first computer?

Travis decided on the Tuxedo

Where do you visit the internet most?

Question 3

Joshua wanted the 'Swimmer'

Where do you exercise?

Travis went for the 'Soccer Ball'

What old person thing do you do?

Question 4 

Joshua like the 'Boat'

What are you most grateful for?

Travis wanted to answer the same question

Question 5

Joshua picked the 'Wedding'

When have you been on TV or Radio?

Travis chose the'Eggs'

What can you talk all day about?

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