August 14, 2020

FunkQuest – Season 2 – Quarter Final 2 – Bryan Falchuk v Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Both Kimya and Bryan are experts in their respective fields and this Second Quarter Final episode is full of insightful and thought proving ideas.

Question 1 was; 'Where does power come from?' Bryan felt that we all have power within ourselves - and we need to really find out what really matters to us personally so that we can fight against the powers which hold us back.

Kimya answered her first question about building an ark - she would literally and figuratively build arks (arcs) to connect people around the world so to join together to  beat systemic attitudes.

Question 2 - and Kimya and Bryan both took this question ; 'How  do you waste time?' and felt the question problematic  because this sort of time allows you space to recover and recuperate so you can then continue to help others.

Bryan chose the bobsleigh icon on the board for question 3 - answering about the best thing he got for Free. Having felt worthless for many years, he helped himself transform into who he is now without having to go on a costly course.

Kimya, spoke about her latest dream for her third question, feeling that we generally dreeam about the things we have talked about during the day.

Kimya answered the  'fruit waffle' next. Her last road trip was a six hour drive to check up on her house. It took so long because she didn't want to use the highway. She felt that seeing scenery was healthier mentally.

Bryan had to confess he had cheated in school when young but more importantly had not cheated on his diet although he was allowed a 'cheat day'.  "How much do you really value yourself if you are willing to cheat?"

Final Question for Bryan told us his dad had seemed old when he was child, but even now, in his seventies his dad was very active so not that old really. He knew of older people but his wifes grandma was 92.

Kimya ended the game by choosing the Pyramid. Mythical creatures were not really her type of thing. However the Knowledge, we had gained as people,  through the centuries - the mythical stories and religious histories show just how we can label and harm people.

What are the FUNKQUEST rules?

FunkQuest is a fun interactive online game that features five rounds. Each player selects the icon which most tweaks their interest.  Each Funky icon has a Funky question.
The question shown may or may not be related to the icon.

SO potential Funksters have to think on their feet. The winner is decided by the audience and goes through to the next round.

What's so good about FUNKQUEST ?

Funky Thinkers know that IDEAS only come from free-flowing CONVERSATION.
Listening (without prejudice) to new ideas and speakers from outside your usual network truly qualifies as FUNKY.
Each question has a strict time limit. So no multi-headed long and complicated self indulgent stories to endure.  Just short punchy bite-sized truly Funky ideas, as we GET THE FUNK OUT!

Voting for your favourite Funkster is EASY. One of these FUNKSTERS will be going through to the SEMI FINAL. To help us decide which one, leave a comment below telling us who you want to vote for. The one with the most comments, smiley faces, thumbs ups, ticks etc goes through. It's that simple.

VOTING CLOSES 9am Big Ben time. Wednesday 19th August 2020

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