June 27, 2022

FunkQuest – Nobility Series – Sally Orange v Steve Judge

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Jonathan and Steve play FunkQuest with Sally Orange, who has multiple Guinness world records and world firsts, has run over 50 marathons, completed 8 full Ironman triathlons.

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Question 1

Sally chose the 'Gas'

What would your family assume you had been arrested for?

Steve went fo the 'Chairs'

How important is a diary to you?

Question 2 

Sally picked the 'Books'

Which do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction books?

Steve chose the 'Vulture'

How long can you concentrate for?

Question 3

Sally liked the 'Camels'

When did you last Hitch-hike?

Steve picked the 'Bed Feet'

What is the best video on You Tube?

Question 4

Sally went for the 'School bag'

How do you know that the earth is round?

Steve liked the look of the 'Treasure Chest'

How much bling do you wear when you go out?

Question 5

Sally chose the'Sunflower'

What is something you feel too old to do?

Steve picked the 'Water Droplet'

What would you keep behind a moveable bookcase?

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