May 23, 2022

FunkQuest – Season 5 – SemiFinal 2 – Bobby Hedglin-Taylor v Carmel Page

These two Funksters have reached this semifinal in a variety if different ways. Bobby moved forward after his original opponent was unable to play and Carmel has qualified to be here as Sheriff from a previous game. But both are very funky players and deserve this chance to reach the final of FunkQuest season 5 and be crowned champion.

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Question 1

Carmel Chose the 'Pumpkins'

How do you take losing?

Bobby chose the Gazebo

Where were you on 31st December 1999?

Question 2

Carmel picked the 'Yellow fish'

Where can you  see the best views?

Bobby liked the 'red shoes'  (an homage to the Wizard of OZ)

What makes you stop scrolling?


Carmel decided upon the 'Wind Turbines'

When did you last get stuck in a queue?

With an Italian Background Bobby had the 'Lasagne'

When did you last go behind the scenes somewhere?

Question 4

Carmel liked the 'Daisy'

Which animal should gain the power of speech?

Bobby Chose the 'Husky Dog'

When does time pass slowly for you?

Question 5

Carmel Chose the 'Lorry'

What cliché winds you up the most?

Bobby picked the 'Statue of Liberty'

What needs to be modernised?

To vote for your favourite FUNKSTER in FunkQuest is easy...

1. Listen or watch the episode from start to finish.

2. Take note of which FUNKSTER gives you the biggest insight, idea, thought or suggestion.

3. Follow the instructions on how to vote at the end of the show.

4. Follow along with #funkquest.

The winner with the most votes goes through to the FINAL of FunkQuest - season 5 and will meet Shawny Hill for the title of Grand Champion Funkster.

Voting closes FRIDAY 27th May 12 noon UK/London/Big Ben time.

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