Ann and Pablo are both established FunkQuest players

 Ann turned up in a pink wig and and a FunkyThinkers T shirt she is a real Funkster.

Ann chose the first Icon on the board which was the yoyo  and answered the question about how common is common sense?

Pablo's first quest was about maps - and while he has used maps - it seems that the Sat Nav system has taken over.

The next question from 'the lady with the guitar' Icon - was where would Pablo make a Hiding place - a cave by the see along with extra comforts was the answer.

Ann's second question was about feeling foolish and she told the story of  her younger self wanting to take tennis lesson. Pablo also resonated with this.

The Swiss army Knife icon gave Ann the opportunity to talk about her invention of  a new system for the measurement of womens clothing.

The next Question for Pablo, 'What do you always spell wrong' led to a cacophony of answers from all on the show.

The Landscape icon and following question "when do you tell yourself off"- led to Pablo's insight of self criticism, and the mention of the book  "The Chimp Paradox" - Dr Steve Peters.

Anns question 4 was about looking through telelescope: her recent view through binoculars - was beautiful Duck.

Ann felt that she just had to have the pushpins (colorfully organised) icon, her husband is her deputy and keeps her in line as the voice of reason.

Pablo took final question - who is favourite author - Mark twain - he related to Huck Finn so much when younger.  Insight -  'You relate to people you understand.'

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