Alyson and Kerry are the first to play FunkQuest in the quarter finals of the series.

Alyson answered the Question 1 about how many dictionaries she owned. She used to have a lot for research but moving house get rid most but tthose she was sentimental about.

Kerrys first question - how many houses she had lived in came to a total of 3.

Kerry revealed that she prefers small gatherings rather than big parties as she  is a bit shy, although has to be outgoing for her job.

Alyson revealed in her second question that she would prefer a local artis to paint her portrait as she is not a 'traditional' artist lover. She also was astonished to find that she as impressed by a magician as he was the first non- Kids part magician she had really seen.

Kerry took the same question and her third answer was about hypnotists and how like magicians they seemed to be.

Her fourth question - 'when did you complain about the service?' showed she wasn't a complainer but was a bit OCD about cleaning.

Question 5 showed Kerry had star quality from an early age.

'When did you last make a snowman' was Alysons fourth question - and she would rather have a snowball fight. Which is one thing she would not be late for. Alyson and Kerry are  our first quarter finalists of this series.

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  • What a fun cast! It was like watching an online version of Jeopardy, but funnier! Kerry’s story about being hypnotized made me actually laugh out loud!!

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