go head to head in the preliminary round of the end of season one playoffs.

The winner will go through to the first round proper.

Who will triumph - Isabel Firecracker, Kristen Tsetsei or LeNora Faye?

YOU can decide - There are FOUR steps.

1. Watch/Listen to the whole episode

2. Listen for which Funskter gives you the biggest FUNKY INSIGHT. (The rest of the world call's these aha moments)

3. Follow the instructions at the end of the show on how to vote.

4. Follow along with # and #funkythinkersplayoffs

​Contact the girls at their website

​IMPORTANT - VOTING CLOSES 9am (big ben time) MONDAY 13th January 2020.

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​Childfree girls previously on Funkquest

FUNK filed under

3 childfree girls, childfree, childfree talk, childfree vlog, childless, feminism, FunkQuest, Funkquest season 1 playoffs

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