February 14, 2022

FunkQuest – Season 4 – Semi final 1 – Vicki Wusche v Barb Braendlein

It is semi final time on FunkQuest - the question is, which of these TWO funksters are going through to the final?

                             Or listen to the Audio below

Question 1

Vicki chose the 'Piggy Bank'

Where would you rather be from?

Barb chose the 'old film projector'

What never fails to improve your mood?

Question 2

Vicki decided on the 'Scuba Diver'

How Teen Smart are you?

Barb picked the' Winter Scene'

How much routine do you prefer in your life?

Question 3

Vicki went for the 'Blue Picture'

When was the last time you went physically underground?

Barb plumped for the 'Sandwiches'

When did you last go on a motorway?

Question 4

Vicki chose the 'Beetle'

When did you last sleep all night?

Barb chose the 'Anglo American Flag'

When was the last time you were in or around water?

Question 5

Vicki liked the 'Sea Turtle'

What was the worst thing you paid money for?

Barb chose the 'palace'

What was the worst Job you ever had?

What are the FUNKQUEST rules?

FunkQuest is a fun interactive online game that features five rounds. Each player selects the icon which most tweaks their interest.  Each Funky icon has a Funky question.
The question shown may or may not be related to the icon.

SO potential Funksters have to think on their feet. The winner is decided by the audience and goes through to the next round.

What's so good about FUNKQUEST ?

Funky Thinkers know that IDEAS only come from free-flowing CONVERSATION.
Listening (without prejudice) to new ideas and speakers from outside your usual network truly qualifies as FUNKY.
Each question has a strict time limit. So no multi-headed long and complicated self indulgent stories to endure.  Just short punchy bite-sized truly Funky ideas, as we GET THE FUNK OUT!

To vote for your favourite FUNKSTER in FunkQuest is easy...

1. Listen or watch the episode from start to finish.

2. Take note of which FUNKSTER gives you the biggest insight, idea, thought or suggestion.

3. Follow the instructions on how to vote at the end of the show.

4. Follow along with #funkquest.

The winning FUNKSTER in this case goes through to the FINAL of FunkQuest - Season 4 .

Voting closes 12noon Big Ben time Friday 18th February 2022

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FunkQuest, FunkQuest - Season 4

  • My vote is for Barb – what an awesome opponent and look forward to more off camera conversations 🙂

  • Vicki Wusche – a women of saucing capabilities and sourcy jokes. Always has a deal up her sleeve and her hat does not contain a white rabbit – but income streams

  • I vote for Barb! She got my husband to look up Blake and hear those horns after hearing the story. Such fun listening to those two ladies!

  • –Barb– (Vicki, a sweetheart to be sure, but Barb gets my vote.) Looked up the Chase lyrics Barb referenced. LOL! “You’re at the top of my grocery list. You’re the desert I don’t want to miss…You look so prime, tender and sweet. You’re U S D A inspected meat…”

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