August 21, 2020

FunkQuest – Season 2 – Quarter Final 3 – Ann Smith v Lisa Pezik

Ann and Lisa are the third pair to play in the FunkQuest quarter finals and are old hands at this by now.

Lisa started play with the answer to 'How many questions do you ask? - She always has to ask at least 5 'why' questions deep - this is so she can get to the true answer.

Ann's first question 'Where have you seen a ghost' might have been a tricky one but she was certainly able to come up with a good 'ghost story'.

Leaving her family house and home in America when she got married and moving all the way to live in Canada - a place she know nothing about, actually learning to live there was Lisas greatest achievement.

Question 2 for Ann could have seem quite personal but her answer about finding satisfaction was that she was surprised by her husband, she's not easily surprised and that was very satisfying.

Her third answer - Lisa revealed, that if she was to be a secret code name it would be Detective Fierce and Ferocious (DFF) as she can be very protective of things

Anns third question was about having a habit. Her habit is more a way of life now her grown up self allows her to go out of her comfort zone to get the things she missed when younger.

For question 4 Ann chose the 'xylophone' icon with question 'When is it ok to tell a lie?' her emphatic answer was - Never! and was able to qualify this with the differences between honesty and integrity.

Lisa shuddered at the 'jelly fish' icon and for a reason- the answer to the questionwas the sound of scraping nails down a chalk board- a reminder of the nuns who taught her.

Lisas final question was about choosing who would narrate her life. Samuel L Jackson came to mind

Ann closed the show by explaining that she was the luckiest person she knew because she had her husband and he was the luckiest because he had her - 2 very different  people but both blessed.

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The semi finals of FunkQuest - Season two only has room for one of these FUNKSTERS. To vote - leave a comment below with who you are voting for. That's it.

Voting closes 9am Wednesday 26th August 2020

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  • My vote is for Ann. Integrity, not enough in the world. I have never seen a ghost but seeing is believing. So I guess if I did, I would have to believe 🙂

  • I feel Ann won this Funkquest battle. Her answers were interesting stories. I especially liked her answer about how she lives her life now; taking chances and trying things and not being afraid – love this!

  • The host said “which of these ladies gives you a thought, idea, or suggestion…” For me, that was Ann. Question 3 — Give myself permission to make mistakes. Huge. Awesome attitude and, as she put it, now a way of life. Time to give myself permission to make mistakes. Thank you Ann!

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