June 13, 2022

Johannes Mallow – Two time world memory champion

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Jonathan and Josh play FUNKQUEST with Johannes Mallow, 2 times World Memory Champion and holder of seven memory sports world records. We put his skills to the test by asking him to memorise 20 random words and recall them at the end of the show. If you want to play along at home, the words were; Man, Suspend, Deserve, Condmened, Pale, Cart, Lethal, Desk, Smart, Adjoining, Advertisemen,t Party, Stick, Writing, Farthing, Helpless, Trees, Dislike, Stimulating, Dinosaurs,

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 Question 1

Joshua chose the 'Dog'

 How handy is a dishwasher?

Johannes picked the 'Car'

How much of what you learned at school helps you now?

 Question 2

Joshua wanted the 'Cyclists'

How long have you gone without sleep?

Johannes liked the 'Old Map and Compass'

Which text book from school did you never return?

Question 3

Joshua picked the 'Red Shoes'

How much is success based on luck or hard work?

Johannes chose the 'Polar Bears'

What helps you concentrate?

Question 4

 Joshua plumped for the 'Goose'

When did you last use a public telephone?

 Johannes picked the 'Snake'

When did you go to a major sporting event?

 Question 5 

Josh wanted the 'Books'

What was the largest meal you ever had?

 Johannes chose the 'Treasure Chest'

 How close have you been to the South Pole?

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Johannes Mallow

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