Michael v Kristen

This final match up of the first round saw number 5 seed speaker, coach and podcast host, Michael Sherlock take on preliminary round Funkster and representing the childfree girls network, Author, Kristen Tsetsi.

Kristen being the lower ranked FUNKSTER went first.

Q1. Kristen picked the books and the question is "Which singer did you mine along to as a teenager?  Kristin picked Depeche Mode and a discussion about pierced nose rings cropped up.

Q2. Michael picked the roller blades. The question is "What was the last live event you went to?"

A discussion about cirque du soleil. (first time they cropped up).

Q3. Kristen picked the train. The question is "Do you plan or go with the flow?"

Q4. Michael went with the bridge. (Something very psychlogical). Michael bought a hat. Picture imposed onto the recording.

Q5. Kristen picked the jars of jam. The question is what outdoor activity would you most like to try. Kristen said none... None that she would like to try... Michael would like to kite surf.

You can contact Michael via shock your potential and shock your potential podcast

Contact Kristen via Kristen TseTsi

To vote for your favourite FUNKSTER in the Funky Thinkers playoffs is easy...

1. Listen or watch the episode from start to finish.

2. Take note of which FUNKSTER gives you the biggest insight, idea, thought or suggestion.

3. Follow the instructions on how to vote at the end of the show.

4. Follow along with #lovefunkquest and #funkythinkersplayoffs.

VOTING CLOSES 9AM BIG BEN/LONDON time - MONDAY 27th January 2020. 

The winner goes through to the next round. The loser... we stay friends but they are out of the competition.

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