October 15, 2021

Calling all Funksters – Are you IN for FunkQuest ? Registration now OPEN…

The search is ON to find and crown the FUNKIEST person we can find in season 4 of FunkQuest.

FunkQuest is an interactive discussion show where 2 FUNKSTERS play head to head. (The rest of the world calls this a podcast). They get to chose their own questions - they just don't know what they are. The winner, based on audience votes, goes through to the next round, until ultimately, we will crown the Grand Champion Funkster for season 4.


We have over 3,000 FUNKY new questions ready to get the FUNK out... If you think you want IN... hit the big pink get the FUNK out button below.

Age, sex, gender, geographic location etc etc irrelevant. If you have a FUNKY outlook on life, interesting stories to tell and can think on your feet, you need to apply.

PLUS - everyone who registers will get an actual playing board to get the FUNK out with family & friends. Free. Forever.

It's SO FUNKY, we even got our local MP, Alexander Stafford to play in a one off challenge match against our Grand Champion Funkster from season 1, Leana Delle.

alexander stafford

Note: shows recorded in advance during UK business hours. If you win and move forward in the competition, you will need to show up more than once.

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FunkQuest, FunkQuest - Season 4

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