nathen v rustie

The final quarter final of the end of season playoffs was between Rustie MacDonald and Nathen Aswell.

The more eagle eyed amongst you will note that Nathen has already been knocked out.

Due to unavailability of the qualifying Funkster, Nathen was the sheriff.

The sheriff is someone who has been knocked out but is allowed back in - with no furthr penalty.

If you play cards, you might be familiar.

Q1. Being a musician, Nathen picked the boombox.

His film of choice was "It's a wonderful life"

Rustie chose the book of Eli

Q2.  Rustie chose the cassette tape and the question is about going back in time.

Nathen recounted his walking of the comino trail in Northern Spain

Q3. Nathen chose the running shoe. The question relates to christmas presents.

A discussion about the smurfs followed.

(First time they have cropped up).

Q4. Rustie picked the rock concert and the worldwide sprout marketing council has two new employees.

Q5. Nathen picked the person rowing in the bucket.

Nathen lives in Vancouver and after it has finished raining for 30 days, he lives in paradies.

Rustie on the other hand, lives in Jurassic Park.

Contact Nathen via NathenAswell and contact Rustie via

To vote for your favourite FUNKSTER in the Funky Thinkers playoffs is easy...

1. Listen or watch the episode from start to finish.

2. Take note of which FUNKSTER gives you the biggest insight, idea, thought or suggestion.

3. Follow the instructions on how to vote at the end of the show.

4. Follow along with #lovefunkquest and #funkythinkersplayoffs.

VOTING CLOSES 9AM BIG BEN/LONDON time - FRIDAY  7th February 2020. 

The winner goes through to the semi final. The loser... we stay friends but they are out of the competition.

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