January 8, 2021

FunkQuest – Season 3 – Final – Barb Braendlein v Lisa Fey

These two ladies may look familiar, and you would be right to think that you have seen them somewhere before, the reason is; Barb and Lisa played each other in Semi Final 1 of FunkQuest Season 3. 

Barb was beaten in the semi final but has agreed to return as 'Sheriff' due to unforseen circumstances. So they play again in this FunkQuest Season 3 Grand Final.

Barb was first to choose an Icon. Her answer to the question was that generally she is very easy to shop for, as she loves opening presents regardless of what is inside. She is not very good at telling others what to buy for her.

Question 1 for Lisa she chose the' baby shoes' Icon and explained that the last song she danced to was part of a compilaton album of 'Soul Train'. She was dancing in her bathroom to Stevie Wonder.

Barb was very happy to answer the next question about dealing with 'cold callers'. When the caller is a person, she likes to keep them talking. Robot callers, not so much.  

Lisa did not have to name her Craziest relative, in case they were listening but she described the sort of person who always is in the middle of everything, no matter what the topic they have done it, seen it, tried it, started it, finished it.                             I am sure we all have one of these.

Question 3, Barb chose the 'Puffin' Icon and revealed that she was 16 when she got her first bank card. For a couple of years she was dilligent in making sure it always had five dollars in the account.

Having been there and seeing animals in their natural habitat and the glory of the scenery, Lisa was able to answer 'Where should everyone go at least once?' with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Barb decided in her fourth answer that the record she really wanted to break was that of 'How many times you can lose on FunkQuest but still get to play again.' Not a real record but fun anyway.

Lisa chose the 'Sumo Wrestlers' Icon. 'Have you ever had your palm read' was the question and she answered that when she went to India she had done it. The palm reader left her with more questions than answers.

'How would you describe humanity to Aliens?' was the final question for Barb. If the aliens were intent on world domination she would explain about the diseases we carry or try to tell them about love and fear or even try to bargain with bits of the world.

Final Question of the game was for Lisa and the circus act she would love to take part in is the 'Spinning circle' which the ladies of the 'Cirque de Soleil' do their acrobatics in.

To vote for the WINNER of FunkQuest - Season 3, just leave a comment below with WHO you are voting for. Voting closes 9am Monday morning - Big ben time, 18th January 2021.

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  • Lisa Fey is the funkiest! Between the Willabeast; Fred and the Gizmo she’s take out of her car to impress her friends – I’m sure that she is the “Funkiest”

  • I vote for Lisa Fey. Totally agree that traveling changes your perspective of the world. And who hasn’t danced in their bathroom, whatever the music, at some time in their life?

  • Lisa! Africa safari, India palm reader, and overall joy of a person. Makes one smile. Uplifting. And, MOST, important, authentic!

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