July 4, 2022

Double World Champion episode – Johannes Mallow and Brett Smitheram

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We are calling this the FunkQuest 'Brain Training' episode as both of these Funksters have needed a lot of brain power to achieve their world champion status. Johannes, as we know from a previous episode, is a memory champion and now Brett has joined us as a world Scrabble Champion.

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Question 1

Johannes chose the 'Chess set'

How many times a year do you have a holiday/vacation?

Brett decided on the 'Camera'

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Question 2

Johannes liked the 'Water Drop'

When you were younger what freaked you out?

Brett picked the 'Wallpaper'

Who said something you always remember?

Question 3

Johannes wanted the 'Pirate'

When did you last trust your instincts?

Brett chose the 'London Bus'

What do you think you are really good at?

Question 4

Johannes picked the 'Swan'

What smell brings back memories?

Brett decided upon the 'Rubbish Tip'

When did you last do a slam dunk?

Question 5

Johannes liked the 'Light Bulb'

Which board game did you play most when you were younger?

Brett went for the 'Nuts'

How many times have you eaten out this week?

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