Ben v Cathy FunkQuest Season 1 playoffs Quarter final 1

​The excitement levels cranked up a notch at HQ with the first Quarter Final of season 1. Number ONE seed up against number 12 seed .

ben v cathy

​Being the lower ranked Funkster, Cathy went first.

Q1. The question is "What film can you watch over and over again?"

Cathy picked Shrek. "Quest? I'm already on a Quest..."

Ben had received this question previously but Funkily gave a different answer. VHS recordings of Ironman races from the 1990's..
To marvel at their efforts given the levels of technology they had back then.

Q2. Ben got the magic wand question.

He would get his old dog back and Cathy would get her visa for permanent residence in Australia sorted.

Q3. The planning question cropped up (again). If you are a regular on the show - this will be changed soon...

Q4. Ben picked the records and the question is "What really needs to be modernised?"

His answer was the US tax system and Cathy's answer was LA international airport.

Q5. The question is "Who would you pay money to see?

Cathy picked Elizabeth Gilbert and Ben picked the Dali Lama

​Contact Ben via Fitness lab Pittsburgh and contact Cathy via Cathy Weiss

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