What ever happened to the old-fashioned face to face conversation?
Although technology is actually sensational!


If you are looking at the world and thinking "HUH?"
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Jonathan Senior

Head Funkster

Think about these things and tell me I am wrong...

  • I can carry the plans to a nuclear submarine on a small plastic device in my back pocket.
  • My camera always at hand when the children are being angels (even pet children).
  • No need to callback when the line is busy (Do you even know what that is?).
  • I can record any message to myself to follow up with (even when I am laid awake all night staring at the ceiling).
  • It holds my calendar and to do list ...

BUT.....It has taken away one of the most valuable things in life, the face to face conversation.

Emails mess things up, often creating more questions than they answer. Even the word "Thanks" can be misconstrued in an email. And don't event get me started on people who use the reply all function to say "I agree."

In fact - most people manage their email by thinking "How can I get rid of this?" - Tell me I am wrong... I dare you...

This magnificent new smart phone of today does deliver face time for those who are half a world away and allow you to stay in touch with family, But it has levied the most influential change on a generation possibly since the industrial revolution.

Is the internet really the magic bullet, or has it brought about most painful change in human civilization where no one has written the rule book - not even Amazon...

Social structures and skills that have taken generations to develop are being BATTERED and CRUSHED faster than you can say "Multi national corporations are crushing the rain forests".

We now have a whole range of INTERNET DISEASES unheard of 15-20 years ago.

  • Self confidence
  • Self worth
  • Procrastination
  • Mental health issues

Even my Doctors asks "I assume you consulted Dr Google?"

Take a look at the picture on the right.

And think about everything you need. Antivirus software, antispam, antiporn filter.

Then think about cyber bullying, body shaming, twitter wars...

If the internet was a public highway - it would be in the same category as a busy motorway.

man in biohazard suit

Is this you going on the Internet?

What's the answer?

(The cure for an Internet DISEASE is unlikely to be found on the internet, consulting Facebook friends etc etc -  You need to look somewhere else - Starting to get it yet?)

Funky Thinkers are the extreme opposite of normalites. Normalites and Normalite marketing is a cookie cutter/sausage factory approach to every problem. By the time the solution has got to you, thousands of people just like you are ahead of you.

This is demoralising and debilitating. It breeds unhappiness and resentment. If only I could get my book to the top of Amazon - ahead of the other 27,852 in my category. If only I had more Instagram followers, more, more, more...

Don't believe me ?

Just look at all the people doing talking head videos on LinkedIn. These people are probably too old for Instagram fame - but it's the next best shot... Any value in them? They just know they gotta do it..

The opposite of the funky thinkers are the normalites. Normalite marketing is a sausage factory. It relies on tired old words and phrases like "get your name out there".It relies on you buying books and training courses and going to seminars to learn how to "network."

Normalites use phrases like "get your name out there", it says that social media is the magic pill for every business, but FIRST, you must buy this book or training course, or DVD.

It tells you that you have to network, but the reality is that that's just another pyramid scheme. Most networking groups will have a member who is a photographer - who has a business taking pictures of people... so they can go to networking groups... Networking works OK for him...

join my networking club

How many books on "being authentic" do you need? Really? 1, 10, 200.

(Actually - the answer is 200,000 - see below)

funky thinkers homepage

It's actually MORE on Youtube...

funky thinkers homepage

The truth is that each guru, each "expert", each course, each book, each seminar is a "box of hope" - if only I had *this* thing, *that* know how, I will be as wealthy and glamorous as they appear to be.

Remember though - it's the internet - it will be totally different very quickly... (Who else spent money on article spinning software?)

What's the answer?

Before spending time and money on anything, Funky thinkers would ask;

"Get my name out where?"

"To whom?"

"What is the most cost effective way to do that?"

"What can I say that is different to saying (or shouting) "Buy my stuff"?

asking different questions

Ask different questions to everyone else? Get different answers to everyone else. Go the road less travelled..It's less crowded...

Starting to get it yet?

YouTube is a 21st century yard sale for small business.

funky thinkers

(Just so you know - YouTube is owned by Google - which makes a LOT of money...)

funky thinkers

Most people will batter you to buy something - Instead - I invite you to pick a funky thinkers duologue you think might be interesting and just listen. Maybe - just maybe you will get an idea or see something from a different perspective...