May 2, 2022

FunkQuest – Season 5 – Episode 3 – Bobby Hedglin-Taylor v Joshua Shea

This episode of FunkQuest became  a walkover for Bobby, as his proposed opponent had technical difficulties. Joshua Shea (Assistant Head Funkster)stepped into the breach and between them they made a very interesting episode. Plus - another first for the show.

Bobby is the first trapeze artist we have ever featured. See picture although I did find that looking at pictures and videos of trapeze artists did make me feel a little dizzy. Be careful...)


Don't look too closely at this...

                        Or listen to the Audio below

Question 1

Joshua chose the 'Las Vegas Sign'

What is your favourite Take Away/Take Out?

Bobby Chose the ' SewingThreads and Tape'

How do you cheer someone up?

Question 2

Joshua picked the 'Village on Stilts'

Where do you think you will never go?

Bobby decided on the Yellow Flowers'

What is the most ridiculous thing you wore?

Question 3

Joshua chose the 'Sheep'

What do you do when nobody is looking?

Bobby remembered his time in England and picked 'Tower Bridge'

What things do you have a collection of?

Question 4

Joshua liked the 'Sea Plane'

When did you last do a Quiz?

Bobby zoomed in on the 'Dog'

What was the longest you queued for?

Question 5

Joshua went for the 'Test Tubes'

When did you last get good news?

Bobby picked the 'Fish and Chips'

How do you keep fit?

NO VOTING. Bobby is through to the next round...

Discussed in this episode>


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