May 30, 2022

FunkQuest featuring paralympic athletes Louise Hunt and Talan Skeels-Piggins

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This special edition of FunkQuest features a pair of talented ex-paralympians. Louise is from the world of summer sports and Talan from the winter arena.

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Question 1

Louise chose  the 'Swimming' 

What was your favourite sport  in PE?

Talan picked the 'Cyclist'

How has the quality of sports fans changed in the last 3 decades?

Question 2

Louise picked the 'Track'

Who is the best sporting 'Underdog'?

Talan chose the 'Skier'

Are sportsmen and women worth the money they are being paid?

Question 3

Louise plumped for the 'Cricket Ball'

Which sporting grounds have you been to?

Talan  wanted the 'Football'

What do you prefer to go to - an international or club march?

Question 4

Louise chose the 'Fencing'

Would your team of 'yesteryear' beat your favourite team of today?

Talan picked the 'Tennis'

Which is the first olympics that you remember?

Question 5

Louise felt some loyalty  should be shown and chose the 'Tennis'

How much of a problem is match fixing in sport?

Talan went for the 'Archery'

Who is the greatest player of all time (any sport)?

NO VOTING in this episode. Normal FunkQuest will return with the FINAL of season 5 in a few days.

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