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#Funkquest – Michael Sherlock

Michael sherlock funkquest

Michael was the first contestant to play under the new FUNKQUEST rules AND the first person to be on FUNKY THINKERS TWICE.

Most podcasts and shows are just a glorified advert for the speakers coaching program, bootcamp or some other product.

In FUNKQUEST - the player has no idea what question is coming next. 

What does this mean for you?

IDEAS only come from free flowing CONVERSATION.

Listening (without prejudice) to new ideas and speakers from outside your usual network.

PLUS - each question has a strict THREE minute time limit. So no multi headed long complicated stories to endure. Just short punchy bite sized ideas.

In this episode 

In this episode -
Q1 - Michael picked the hippies -  We discussed sales mixology and why bar tenders (good ones) are worth studying for all salespeople.

Q2 - Michael picked the space hopper - We discussed Michael's secret talent which is singing. Next time you meet her - ask for a quick rendition of "When the banana skins are falling,I'll come sliding back to you."

Q3 - Michael picked the shoe - (I suspect in time - most women will select the shoe - we might have to remove it). Michael discussed her concerns about her upcoming 50th birthday. Note from host - nothing happens. No dancing girls, no message from the Queen. Nothing

Q4 - Michael picked the guitarist - We discussed homelessness and people selling the next step/Big issue. Remember if we have a slot on the show for a badged seller of one of these magazines.Contact us to discuss.

Q5 - Micahel selected the roller skates - We discussed the opposite sex and emotions.

Michael can be contacted via http://shockyourpotential.com

Michael Sherlock - FUNKQUEST - Full episode

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the FUNKY INSIGHT into homeless people selling magazines.

Bryan Falchuk – social media detox game – who is in?

Bryan Falchuck - how big is the world series?

Bryan Falchuck
Bryan Falchuk

Bryan Falchuck - Contact via www.bryanfalchuk.com

Recorded just after the Boston RedSox won the 2018 world series, Bryan gave me a quick lesson in how big it actually is.

Brief nugget about history and tradition - I looked up the Boston curse - vs something being manufactured in the last 20 years.

The environment cropped up. Maybe it is the next generation that accepts global warming - rather than the current one which could typically say "I don't believe in global warming" 

I googled seaweed water blob and this was the first result I got. Coming soon to a running event - or a developing country near you...


Bryan found that turning his phone resolution to black and white reduced use dramatically. Maybe we should all try it.

Bryan Falchuk

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the extracts below

The BBC drowning in plastic trailer is below.

Matt Javit – Patron saint of barbershops?

Matt Javit - Patron saint of barbershops?

 Matt Javit
Matt Javit tattoo 113
Matt Javit.

Matt Javit - Contact via www.passportjoy.com

Matt Javit is another Funky Thinker who opted out of the rat race to do something more fulfilling.

Since February 2017, he has travelled the world full time with his wife.

My old boss used to say that there were only TWO constants in life - people always have to eat and have their hair cut.

Matt has spotted the cultural impact of men going to have their hair cut.

Think about it - when you go for a hair cut - the barber wraps a cape/smock thing around you.

No fiddling on a phone - your hands are tethered.

You just gotta sit there and take in what is happening around you.

So Matt documents this in his YouTube series - world barber shop adventures.

A sample episode is below.

We also discussed the mechanics of getting things done when you don't speak the language.

Clue - money is important - as is politeness and respect.

David Blaine is the person Matt would most want to be stuck in a lift with.

A sample video is below and no I don't know how he did it either - do you?

Plus the classic story of a random fan giving public enemy a lift to their own gig

A quick trip round the rights and wrongs of free calling apps (Matt prefers phone call over text) and sports teams that play in blue and that is Funky Thinkers episode 113.

public enemy

Is Heather Vickery the world’s best single parent?

Is Heather Vickery the world's best single parent?

Heather vickery
Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery - Contact via https://vickeryandco.com/

Heather Vickery is a success coach and podcast host.

No video insight on this one - but we talked a lot about parenting, single parenting and nature vs nurture.

Heather recommended a book called "Nurture shock" which I have linked to

The "T" word - Trump cropped up and we talked about him for longer than is usual.

Plus - a story about the first person that Barack Obama told that he won the election.

Imagine being THAT PERSON. You hadn't seen it on the news or TV or whatever. BARACK OBAMA tells you that he has won the election and wants a picture with YOU.

Note - this person wasn't Heather - the story is included to GET YOU THINKING about possibilities - about insights and circumstances that you wouldn't normally get.

Bizarrely, The Police - rock group cropped up again. Sting, Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers.

If you have never heard or seen The Police - have a look at one of the coolest intro's to a song ever.

Heather Vickery tattoo 110

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey contact via https://dominothinking.com/

I had spoke to Alison before Funky Thinkers was born - about a webinar series.

I seem to recall that we had a Funky Thinkers style conversation which I really should have recorded.

Anyways - on the show proper - we saw the birth (maybe) of Funky Thinkers anti political correctness - and not in the foul mouthed obscene shouting that I can go onto twitter to find easily enough.

Instead of figuring out what to call somebody - maybe we should spend the time (and expense) in getting to know them.

Maybe that will involve a little more effort than putting people in boxes.

Alison has been called an angry white male. Ahh the joy of virtual conversations - (clue - look at the picture to the left of the screen).

Alison would want to get stuck in a lift with Jordan Peterson.


And also - Keanu Reeves - not for obvious reasons - what ever they are - but to ask him what he is really like.

I have included the twitter page of Italian soccer player Mario Ballotelli - once threw a dart at a team mate. Note what it says in his bio...

Oh and there is a map which you need to listen to the show to understand what it is...

Alison Dongahy_Tattoo101
mario ballotelli twitter

Plus - where you would actually end up if you went due west from Vancouver Island....

pacific ocean

Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner
Colton Geschwandtner

Contact via http://deserttigerentertainment.com/

We are inching towards 100 episodes with someone who is excited not for himself but for other people.

Colton Geschwandtner is reviving the live music scene in Western Canada.

Watching other people have success and reveling in it is a pretty cool trait.

People like Colton are much more interesting (and useful to have in your network) than those 'friends' who insist it is them in front dead centre of the instagram picture.

To his desert island, Colton would take a sweater to guard against the cold. (Being Canadian...), his accoustic guitar, a fishing rod, safety gloves and The art of war by Sun Tzu.

Now I am seeing a desert island.

I wonder if he will have some of those cut off jeans and bare feet.

A brief discussion about looking guilty and best advice for social media detox is to go for a long walk with someone.
Busier thinking about the possibilities than we are actually chasing the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner

Too busy to listen to the full episode - Listen to the insight below.

Why a flooded basement was good for Mary Shores

Why a flooded basement was good for Mary Shores

mary shores
Mary Shores

Mary Shores - Contact via www.maryshores.com

Was was Mary pleased  delighted when she got flooded and all the contents of her basement were flooded?

What if the basement (or cellar as we call them) was a metaphor for your mind?

I have heard this before with people who has 10,000 unopened emails. 

You are subconsciously carrying round all this junk in your head. 

You need to deal with this ALL THE TIME.

We also talk about uncomfortable emails, people taking control of their own health and lives in general.

I also reported on the book "Wilful blindness" which I started reading.

Mary likes to sleep (always good), take a good bubble bath and - shock horror - read books to find out stuff.

Mary Shores

Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton
Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

When we allow ourselves to randomly free flow, conversation allows us to say things we would usually feel constricted against saying.

Usually these days, when people say these things it is often followed by a rant for or against political correctness. 

Obviously we don't do politics on Funky Thinkers.

 But listen how Kim and myself come up with an idea for a domain name and an entire business - just by randomly trash talking.

What is the domain, was it already registered and have either of us made a killing on it?

You will just have to listen to find out.

We also talked about chronic idea disorder, the Wright Brothers, (the flying ones) and sleep.

Contact Kim about all things productivity, planning and efficiency via www.thekimsutton.com

Kirsty Salisbury – What if you dislike ALL popular culture?

Kirsty Salisbury - What if you dislike ALL popular culture?

Kirsty Salisbury
Kirsty Salisbury

What if you live in a place where the pressure to do something or be something or like something is particularly crushing?

You NEED to be a Funky Thinker just to get through life...

Kirsty Salisbury lives in NZ and dislikes both Rugby and The Hobbit. ​

How to survive this?

How to swim against the tide of common popular culture?

Things that EVERYONE ELSE is talking about.

This can be seriously hard word - just to get through life.

Kirsty has some tips.

We also talk about driverless cars, biblical times, The holocaust and more.

Contact Kirsty via www.kirstysalisbury.com

Tapping into original Funky Thinkers with Julio Briones

Tapping into original Funky Thinkers with Julio Briones

Julio Briones
Julio Briones

Julio Briones

Contact via answermanspecialtyservicesllc.com

After a brief trip round Bruce Springsteen album names, we settle down to business.

Capitalism - the running of business for a profit tends to focus on the cool stuff.

Very little focus and attention is placed on what happens when someone is unable (or unwilling) to carry out their job.

Julio Briones has thought of that.

Answerman Speciality Services can provide help, advice and consulting when family members or employees have been arrested, got into trouble with drugs, legal issues or anything which is likely to take their mind off the issue of working or being productive.

We talk about punk rock - not this modern new fangled stuff - the original 1970's acts. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, The Stranglers. 

Which is interesting - because recently, there was a big thing in the news about Madonna at 60. 

Well, I have to say - there would be no Madonna (or Spice Girls or Girls Aloud or Rihanna or Lady Gaga any of those without an original Funky Thinker - Siouxsie Sioux. There is a video at the bottom of this page.

Remember - Funky Thinkers is about getting an idea or an insight that you wouldn't ordinarily have got - by hanging round with "the usual crowd."

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