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Allen Wagner – Ambition and double deker buses

​That's according to LA Therapist Allen Wagner.

In this episode - Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, London buses, ambition (& why people living in LA are shallow), what did Allen do every Sunday for months & months and why this impacts on a sense of self.

Plus, why do women feel the need to gossip as a kind of social currency?

Remember - in FUNKQUEST - contestents never know the questions in advance - it is purely a game of Funky Thinking on your feet (or webcam).

We need to get Talia (Mrs Wagner) on FUNKQUEST next to see if she scores more points. (Clue - she will..)

You can contact Allen via or

​Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the extract below.

​As far as the scoreboard is concerned - Michael Sherlock is still top with 279 points.​

FUNKQUEST scoreboard

Vivian Acquah – Computers bringing up children worries me…

Vivian Acquah
Vivian Acquah

Vivian Acquah - Connect on LinkedIn

Did you know it is rude to ask a lady how old she is?

That's what I was brought up to believe anyway...

Vivian Acquah is a workplace wellness advocate from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Of course, we didn't talk about that - but a whole heap of other random stuff. It's Funky Thinkers after all.

The most unusual place Vivian has been to is the LA ghetto.

I am not sure there is such a place with the designation of ghetto.

What is it actually like in Germany?

Does the grass grow straight up like it has been combed with a hair comb? And why does Germany have that reputation?

The term screenager cropped up - I hadn't heard it - and it turns out it is a film and a whole heap of other stuff.

Maybe I need to get out of the Funky Thinkers bubble a little more often.

Meditation crops up as per usual but Vivian is the first person to talk about meditation using an app.

Connect with Vivian via LinkedIn.

Vivian Acquah

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the insight below...

Hudi Kowalsky – Yes you can – (gobble gobble like a turkey)…

Hudi Kowalsky
hudi kowalsky

Hudi Kowalsky - Contact via LinkedIn or

I felt a little awkward after recording this.

Hudi Kowalsky is a born and bred New Yorker.

Because I knew who Top Cat was and he didn't.

A video snippet of the classic Top Cat introduction is below.

(Top Cat is a cartoon version of The Phil Silvers show - Sgt Bilko where a gang of wiseguys continually get one over on the slow witted and generally ineffective "officials".)

I might need to change some of the questions - because the "what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it ?" is starting to become a little awkward.

I think we have proved that all Funky thinkers have a dislike for rudeness, intolerance and general 21st century attitudes.

Watch this space...

Where is the one place - (well two) that if you went to - and could stay there forever - you would meet everyone you had ever met.

The answer is Trafalgar Square - London and Times Square - New York. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Red Square Moscow. CN Tower Toronto.

We talk about what life is like in the ant colony that is New York City - downtown.

Tip - Whatever and however your life is chaotic and busy - you NEED to have something that takes your mind off it. As someone famous once said "It's a rat race and the rats are winning."

Hudi was a child of the 1960's listening to Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Plus the story of the Prince who thought he was a turkey - the answer for treating him. Let him be a Turkey if he wants to be.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who) cropped up as did King Solomon - How did they know he was one of the richest men who ever lived? Did they dig up his bank card?

hudi kowalsky

Laura Bautista – Funky Thinkers buzzword QUEEN

Laura Bautista - Funky Thinkers buzzword QUEEN

Laura Bautista
Laura bautista

Laura Bautista - Contact via FaceBook

 Laura is a wellness coach.

We talked about moving from where you know and grew up to another part of the country.

Plus the pros and cons of doing this when you don't know anybody...

Meditation cropped up (again) as did the power of personal attention when sending a text vs calling someone on the phone or visiting face to face.

See the insight video for a quick peek at this.

Drinking (water) - Aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces.

Example - If you weight 150 pounds - you need to drink 75 ounces in water every day. That's almost 4 pints - everyday.

HIP HOP has developed a bit of a bad reputation.

Laura named some people I embarrassingly never heard of. But we agreed that without knowing what goes into someones lifestyle and upbringing - it is pretty hard to make a judgement on what they are saying.

The old "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" thing springs to mind.

We talked about internal vs external validations - Clue - If you are one of those people who worry about what other people think about you - you need to listen to this episode.

The big insight from this duologue was Laura's instinctive observation about when to use text versus when to use the phone or face to face.

If you are short for time - and you do nothing else on this page - you should watch the video below.

Laura Bautista

Kathy Gruver – Funky advice for the ultimate internet detox

Kate Gruver - Funky advice for the ultimate internet detox

Kathy Gruver

Kathy Gruver - Contact via

Do people need motivating? Why would you go and listen to a motivational speaker? If your life is all about your business and your family is relying on you - surely that's all the motivation you need?

What is Kathy Gruver's tip to really detox from social media?

Most people (normalites) would answer that they need some kind of app or software or gadget or thing.

Kathy's funky answer is to be your own parent.

That's it - simple as that.

Meryl Streep would play Kathy in a film.

Lambrini girls crop up for the first time.

Lambrini is (or was - it's probably illegal now) very cheap wine that has probably never seen a vineyard.

Generally speaking - and I am not a wine snob - if a bottle of wine has a screw top - I would avoid it.

A lambrini girl is a term for women and girls who drink a lot of Lambrini with obvious consequences. 

The pyramids of Egypt make a recurring appearance.

Kathy Gruver tatto100

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the Funky extract below.

Hari Kalymnios-More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios - More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios

In this episode we talked about sunny weather and the way that sun and daylight impacts our performance.

Instead of having an audio alarm to wake you up in a shot, Hari has a light alarm that gets slightly brighter and brighter to wake you up gently. Just like the rays of the sun,

If you want something doing - give it to a busy person is a phrase that has cropped up over time - Hari used it again on the call.

I never realised that JFK had such a reputation with the ladies. Hari would be stuck in a lift (elevator) with Socrates, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. Interesting lift (elevator).

We also discussed Michael Jackson albums and thankfulness we are still alive.

Hari Kalymnios

If you are pushed for time - watch the insight below

Phil DeLuca-The problem is that this person has purple hair

Phil DeLuca - The problem is that this person has purple hair...

Phil De Luca
Phil DeLuca

Phil DeLuca

Contact via

Phil DeLuca is a relationship coach.

The internet and all the changes in behaviour that it has brought has made his job much more difficult over the last few years.

We talked about, amongst other things, Crocodile brain syndrome. (Watch for it - it's everywhere).

Staying sane by turning off the TV cropped up again.

Phil can be contacted via

We might be accused of discriminating against people with purple hair.

I know a few people with purple (and sometimes other) coloured hair.

I don't know anyone in a position of power or authority with purple hair..

If you are such a person - please contact me - I would love to have you on the show.

We talk about the crocodile brain - and remembering that this is the 21st century - not the 1970's. (Purple hair aside).

Mo from The three stooges crops up, The good life crops up - clip below.

(The good life is a 1970's British sitcom) - synopsis below.

Pushed for time? Watch the snippet below>>>

the good life

In this clip from The good life - Tom and Barbara have made some very strong home made wine.

Diana Bianchi-Facebook is for BORED PEOPLE

Diana Bianchi - Facebook is for bored people...

Diana Bianchi
Diani Bianchi

Diana Bianchi

Do me a favour - head to Facebook. Scroll around for a few minutes (take your time...) and then come back and send me a tweet @jonsenior1 if you find ANYTHING interesting or useful. ANYTHING AT ALL.

Which just goes to prove Diana's theory that FACEBOOK is for BORED PEOPLE.

We talk about Thor's hammer, The middle of the Kai river, Bangalore, Silicone Valley in India and more.

Arbitrary pleasant events crop up also.

These are those micro-dopamine hits when we see or hear something random or unexpected that, in the bigger picture of our life, is pretty meaningless. It just gives short, temporary release from the monotony.

Listen to the show - or if you are pushed for time - watch the video below.

diana Bianchi

If you are PUSHED FOR TIME >>> Just watch this...


Frances Robbins-Top gun teacher

Frances Robbins - Top gun teacher

Frances Robbins
Frances Robbins

Frances Robbins

Contact via

The Frances Robbins interview was one of the first with the new set of questions.

If you have listened to many episodes, you know that I do put some effort into the questions.

They are designed to be, on the face of it, quite flippant. But on further inspection, more and more thought provoking.

Of course, being ex-military - Frances Robbins knew exactly what to take if she was marooned on a desert island.

And just rattled them off quick style.

(If you want to know - you will need to listen to the whole episode).

We also discussed what it is like to try to persuade young top gun style men to stop drinking when she was old enough to be their mother.

Other stuff that cropped up - obstacles, ex-military culture and more.

Frances Robbins tattoo 92

Maggie Georgopolous – Up the ladder in a skirt

Maggie Georgopolous - Up the ladder in a skirt

Maggie Georgopolous
Maggie Georgopoulos

Maggie Georgopolous

contact via

How far is it from Australia to Scotland?

Answer:Well you can probably figure out that it's a long way.

What is it like to swim in open water in Scotland? We talk about this.

We also talk about what the impact of Prince William and Prince Harry talking about mental health.

We talk about local councils collecting data for the sake of collecting data - and maybe - just maybe to stick posters up on the wall saying

"We support your mental health" 

We talked about burnout in the fitness industry.

Maggie's most unusual place she has visited is Libya and Iraq (Erbil) and the difference between ancient ruins there and ancient ruins in places that are more built up - like Greece and Rome.

Remember though - don't try this at home kids - they probably aren't the safest places to go...

maggie georgopolous