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Attention sales people – We have already judged you.

FUNKQUEST - with Chantal Bosse.

chantal bosse

Chantal Bosse - Contact via

You should listen to Chantal Bosse on FUNKQUEST if you don't know what a space hopper is. (Pretty sure there were copies called moon boppers or something).

Do you have a "witches nose"? - That is - can you suss out when something is good or bad - legit or a scam - truth or fiction? Worth trying to develop one if you can.

How do you judge a person?

And how do you figure out - in advance - that a salesperson is likely to be pushy and aggressive?

Is it what they say? How they dress ? What they look like and what mannerisms they have? Or all of the above?

What got ruined after it got popular?

Or would you stand on line to get an instagram picture taken at an "iconic" location - without thought for what you are doing to the local environment? Lots of people would (normalites mainly).

Jessie Sutherland – Boys will be boys…

jessie sutherland
Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland - Contact via

It'a an interesting question.

What do you do without the consent of the other party.

Tedx speaker Jessie Sutherland talks about preparing to delivering training for UNESCO, grateful that we don't live in a war zone. 

Plus - boys will be boys - really ? Why?

A culture of belonging - and one of the best things to make sure you stay sane in the mad crazy world that we live in - is to have a set of values and beliefs that you can hold on to. Without these you are tossed around on the seas of every whacko oddball that you come across. 

Jessie is a Tedx speaker and you can watch that below.

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the insight below...

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey contact via

I had spoke to Alison before Funky Thinkers was born - about a webinar series.

I seem to recall that we had a Funky Thinkers style conversation which I really should have recorded.

Anyways - on the show proper - we saw the birth (maybe) of Funky Thinkers anti political correctness - and not in the foul mouthed obscene shouting that I can go onto twitter to find easily enough.

Instead of figuring out what to call somebody - maybe we should spend the time (and expense) in getting to know them.

Maybe that will involve a little more effort than putting people in boxes.

Alison has been called an angry white male. Ahh the joy of virtual conversations - (clue - look at the picture to the left of the screen).

Alison would want to get stuck in a lift with Jordan Peterson.

And also - Keanu Reeves - not for obvious reasons - what ever they are - but to ask him what he is really like.

I have included the twitter page of Italian soccer player Mario Ballotelli - once threw a dart at a team mate. Note what it says in his bio...

Oh and there is a map which you need to listen to the show to understand what it is...

Alison Dongahy_Tattoo101
mario ballotelli twitter

Plus - where you would actually end up if you went due west from Vancouver Island....

pacific ocean

Nathen Aswell – Difference between affirmation and intention

Nathen Aswell - If something is out of your control - do this...

Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Nathen Aswell - Musician & speaker

Contact via

Nathen Aswell is a recording artist and speaker.

We discussed the difference between affirmations and intentions. Clue - one is just a wish list.

What is the emotional freedom technique?

Nathen explains it in language that even I can understand.

How to deal with difficult people ?

The only thing you can do (really) is to concentrate on yourself. Watch the Funky extract below.

We also discuss The Police - the group - not the law. Sting is the person Nathen would most like to be stuck in a lift (or elevator) with.

Not only to talk about his musical career - but how they bootstrapped the whole first album - probably before the word bootstrapping had ever been invented.

If you have never seen or heard of The Police - there is a video at the video at the very bottom of this page.

Nathen Aswell tattoo 99

Here is a clip of Nathen's favourite band. With probably one of the best introductions of the 1980's - if not of all time.

Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner
Colton Geschwandtner

Contact via

We are inching towards 100 episodes with someone who is excited not for himself but for other people.

Colton Geschwandtner is reviving the live music scene in Western Canada.

Watching other people have success and reveling in it is a pretty cool trait.

People like Colton are much more interesting (and useful to have in your network) than those 'friends' who insist it is them in front dead centre of the instagram picture.

To his desert island, Colton would take a sweater to guard against the cold. (Being Canadian...), his accoustic guitar, a fishing rod, safety gloves and The art of war by Sun Tzu.

Now I am seeing a desert island.

I wonder if he will have some of those cut off jeans and bare feet.

A brief discussion about looking guilty and best advice for social media detox is to go for a long walk with someone.
Busier thinking about the possibilities than we are actually chasing the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner

Too busy to listen to the full episode - Listen to the insight below.

Show me – don’t tell me…

Show me - don't tell me...

owen crisp

Owen Crisp - Used funky thinkers to write his own eulogy. (That is what get's said at your funeral).

Owen Crisp was instrumental in bringing a key plank of the funky thinkers methodology to my mind.

Take a look at any guru in any niche on the internet.

They will all - without a doubt - be telling you how great they are.

Shouting at you - to buy their stuff.

I am a GOD. I am a GODDESS. 

And they make claims that are louder and louder (and frankly less believeable)

They are telling you who they are.

It's up to you who you spend your money with - but I am pretty sure you will agree - none of them are showing you who they are.

Owen, on the otherhand, gave the notes he had made to his family and said - file this away ready for my funeral. This is my eulogy.

We also talked about Yoga, cat naps and drone technology.

Owen can be complicated via

Owen Crisp_tattoo73

Is Waterloo, On. named after the battle?

Is Waterloo, On. named after the battle?

John Francis
john francis

John Francis  

 Ontario - Canada

 John Francis is CEO of - a virtual recruitment and retention company.

John is from Waterloo, Ontario.

In this episode, we discuss wether Waterloo was named after the battle of Waterloo.

Answer - it was.

According to wikipedia - ahem...

In 1816 the new township was named after Waterloo, Belgium, the site of the Battle of Waterloo (1815), which had ended the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

John would travel back in time to when Jesus was born - to find out exactly what went off and whose claim on God and Jesus is authentic and credible.

We are going to invent a box where John can give TedX type talks with out seeing him or him seeing anybody else.

Michael Keaton would play him in a film (it's the folicly challenged thing).

You should also check out John's podcast at workpassion fit.ere...


Why didn’t someone tell me this before??

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

elliot katz
elliot katz

Elliot Katz - Toronto

When there's a problem in our relationships, it's often easier to blame than to take responsibility. Seeking to understand the challenges he faced, Elliott Katz explored the wisdom of the ages. He discovered powerful, often-forgotten insights that gave him the answers he needed to change. He also discovered that many people face similar challenges. People started seeking his advice and he was repeatedly told, ?

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

Elliott Katz is a professional speechwriter and the author of seven non-fiction books including the bestseller Great Country Walks Around Toronto. He has written on a wide-range of subjects from the outdoors to the economy to how to stimulate ideas in the workplace. He teaches the principles in this book to men and is available to speak at seminars and conferences.

Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett.

Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett?

Leana Delle
funky thinkers

Leana Delle - Ontario, Canada

Leana Delle is an RN with a background in Critical Care and heart transplantation. She earned her BS in Organizational Development from Bethel University in McKenzie, TN and completed her studies in creative writing through Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, where she is an alumna of their New York Seminar.

Leana is originally from Collingwood, Ontario, Canada but now stacks her books in Dallas, Texas.

Leana has been featured in TedX - the link is below and is a published fiction author.

Resources and some of the stuff we discussed.

Leana would be played in a film by either Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett. Who would play you in a film?

Contact Leana via

Making a motor home your office for a while…

Making a motor home your office for a while...

chantal bosse

Chantal Bosse - Quebec - Canada

Chantal Bossé has been a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2013, and as a presentation & visual communication expert, she spends her time between writing, training, coaching and designing for her clients and speakers.

First a scientific, then an instructional designer in telecommunications, she started CHABOS in 2004 to share her passion for visual communications. Chantal and her business partner inspire and empower public speakers and business people to craft and deliver world-class presentations that generate success and results. From story, message, design, delivery & equipment and event coordination, they help their client shine in front of their audience.

Resources - some of the stuff we talked about

David Attenborough's blue planet 2

Making a motor home your office for a while...