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Lana from Montana

​In this episode, I find out that Montana is near the Canadian border.

We discuss - "More than four ingredients in a food? Lana won't eat it..."

My new discovery of Cherry coke with a hint of chilli - How did we ever survive without it?

Plus - If you are from the future - you will understand that sending birthday cards will eventually be part of history.

PLUS - Even better than that - Lana is the new leader of FUNKQUEST with a superb score of 288 1/2.

The half is for mistaking George Harrison for John Lennon.

But hey - we can all make mistakes when answering questions we have never seen before. You should try it - it's very FUNKY.

You can contact Lana on

Lana from Montana

​Check out the new leaderboard

Funkquest scoreboard
The sad and lonely case of the average opt in box part 1

#Funkquest – Michael Sherlock

Michael sherlock funkquest

Michael was the first contestant to play under the new FUNKQUEST rules AND the first person to be on FUNKY THINKERS TWICE.

Most podcasts and shows are just a glorified advert for the speakers coaching program, bootcamp or some other product.

In FUNKQUEST - the player has no idea what question is coming next. 

What does this mean for you?

IDEAS only come from free flowing CONVERSATION.

Listening (without prejudice) to new ideas and speakers from outside your usual network.

PLUS - each question has a strict THREE minute time limit. So no multi headed long complicated stories to endure. Just short punchy bite sized ideas.

In this episode 

In this episode -
Q1 - Michael picked the hippies -  We discussed sales mixology and why bar tenders (good ones) are worth studying for all salespeople.

Q2 - Michael picked the space hopper - We discussed Michael's secret talent which is singing. Next time you meet her - ask for a quick rendition of "When the banana skins are falling,I'll come sliding back to you."

Q3 - Michael picked the shoe - (I suspect in time - most women will select the shoe - we might have to remove it). Michael discussed her concerns about her upcoming 50th birthday. Note from host - nothing happens. No dancing girls, no message from the Queen. Nothing

Q4 - Michael picked the guitarist - We discussed homelessness and people selling the next step/Big issue. Remember if we have a slot on the show for a badged seller of one of these magazines.Contact us to discuss.

Q5 - Micahel selected the roller skates - We discussed the opposite sex and emotions.

Michael can be contacted via

Michael Sherlock - FUNKQUEST - Full episode

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the FUNKY INSIGHT into homeless people selling magazines.

Kate Frank – What needs to be in place to make it as an author

Kate Frank - What has to be in place to make it as an author?

Kate Frank

Kate Frank - Contact via

Kate Frank is a ghost writer and this episode is essential listening if you have aspirations to write any kind of book.

We talk about the democratization of publishing.

That is - anyone can publish a book - via the createspace platform.

But if you think it is going to be easy - get a snippet in the video extract below.

Kate came up with a Funky Thinkers truism - that is technology is going to ROT your brain.

Katherine Hepburn would play Kate in a film.

kate frank_tattoo102

Otakara Klettke – A REAL AUTHOR

Otakara Klettke - A REAL AUTHOR...

Otakara Klettke
Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke

Contact via

When people say they are an "author" - what they really mean is that they have written the minimal viable book possible to promote their speaking business or their consulting business.

The book is really what would happen if you hired them as a consultant or a coach.

It is their view of the world.

 Otakara Klettke is a REAL AUTHOR.

That is - she has written fiction AND NON FICTION books.

We discuss illustrations for children's books.

Harder than you think because the picture must appeal to the child (it must look fun), it must appeal to the mum & dad (it must look safe) and to the person buying the book - (the Grandma & Grandad).

We talk about activities where people chase a ball round, Socrates - never talked to women apparently.

Catherine Zeta Jones would play Otakara Klettke in a film.

Otakara Klettke

Everett De Morier-Can you change a tyre?

Can you change a tyre (or tire) and if not? why not?

Everet De Morier
Everett de Morier

 Everett De Morier

This was a first for Funky Thinkers - a guest with a wikipedia page.

As  Everett De Morier was watching his boys grow into men, he asked himself a series of questions.

How had he done as a father?

Could his sons change a flat tyre (or tire) on a car? 

Could they cook a meal? Light a fire?

Interesting - self reflective - questions to ask as your kids get older.

We talked about the state of publishing - which is interesting given the Everett reckons the minimum number of words for a "book" is now around 2600 (On Amazon kindle).

If you are interested in Fatherhood and the role of Dads in the world, you should also listen to Elliot Katz.

You can contact Everett via Everett De


This is probably illegal now…

#FunkyThinkers - Lisa Vandiver

Lisa Vandiver
lisa vandiver

Lisa Vandiver - Author - Tupelo - Mississippi

Lisa has been working on a series (fiction) for SEVEN years - and is coming towards the end of it.

Quite obviously, there will be a sister series starting soon.

Lisa has worked in a Russian women's prison and an orphanage and we talked about the everyday needs of people, which are - the same as ours.

With a magic wand - Lisa would build a massive ranch and invite orphans to come and live in it. Together with summer camps and visits by star athletes and entertainers. I can't help but think of the health and safety hassle this would cause but we can dream.

Lisa would go to some medieval period in history. She said Scotland but I suggested Conisborough castle. (Pictured).

She plays video games (probably the only person I have come accross over the age of 15 that plays minecraft) and goes geocaching. If you haven't tried geocaching, it's a great way to waste a bit of time with family and friends in the fresh air.

Julia Roberts would play Lisa in a film

Her three tips are stop judging other people, love other people and much to my delight. Have fun.

Ashley Emma Author appears on #FunkyThinkers

#FunkyThinkers - Ashley Emma

ashley emma author
ashley emma author

Ashley Emma Author

Ashley Emma - to find her - just google Ashley Emma Author - wrote her first novella at age 12. She wrote her first full-length novel at age 14 and self-published it at 16. Before that, she made books out of printer paper and staples.
She wrote eight full-length manuscripts before the age of 25 and is now a best-selling full-time author. (Many more titles coming soon!)

Ashley has a deep respect and love for the Amish and wanted to make sure her Amish books were genuine and realistic. When she was 20 she stayed with three Amish families in a community in Maine where she made many friends and did her research for her Amish books. To read about what it was like to live among the Amish, check out the Ashley’s Amish Adventures books.

Her bestselling book Undercover Amish received 26 out of 27 points as a finalist in the Maine Romance Writers Strut Your Stuff novel writing competition in 2015. Its sequel Amish Under Fire (coming soon!!) was a semi-finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write novel writing competition also in 2015. Two of her short stories have been published online in writing contests and she co-wrote an article for in 2016.

She judged the Fifth Anniversary Writing Contest for Becoming Writer in the summer of 2016.

Ashley owns Fearless Publishing House in Maine where she lives with her husband and two children. She is passionate about helping her clients self-publish their own books so they can build their businesses or achieve their dream of becoming an author.

For more info and some free author training please visit

Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett.

Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett?

Leana Delle
funky thinkers

Leana Delle - Ontario, Canada

Leana Delle is an RN with a background in Critical Care and heart transplantation. She earned her BS in Organizational Development from Bethel University in McKenzie, TN and completed her studies in creative writing through Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, where she is an alumna of their New York Seminar.

Leana is originally from Collingwood, Ontario, Canada but now stacks her books in Dallas, Texas.

Leana has been featured in TedX - the link is below and is a published fiction author.

Resources and some of the stuff we discussed.

Leana would be played in a film by either Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanshett. Who would play you in a film?

Contact Leana via

Living in a real life cultural history…

Living in a real life cultural history...

gary sirak

Gary Sirak - Canton Ohio

Gary Sirak has been helping other people achieve their American Dream for the last 35 years. He is President of Sirak Financial Services in Canton, OH, a company founded by his father, Stan Sirak in 1957. The company will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. Gary has written two books, the first, If Your Money Talked ... What Secrets Would It Tell? This book is about personal finance and the most common mistakes people make with their money. So many people make the same mistakes again and again with their money that Gary decided to do something about it. The second, The American Dream Revisited: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results, is a deeply personal topic for Gary. While it’s true it was a serendipitous conversation at a coffee shop that spurred him on to write it, the ideas and beliefs of the book have been with him for his entire life.

Check out some of Gary's favourite reading below.