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What is it like living on a canal boat all year round?

angie baldwin

​Captain of all she surveys and Funky Thinker #127 - Angie Baldwin

​If you ever wondered what is is REALLY like to live on a canal boat all year round - now is your chance to get your questions answered.

​What is the pace of life like?

What does it mean to really check out?

Do people who live on boats have the internet?

Where is the most dangerous place on a canal?

Is the Chesterfield canal tidal ? and where does the water flow? What happens if you drop a pebble into the water?

What is meant by a shallow draft?

​How do locks work on a canal?

What happens if a canal boat breaks down?

What got ruined after it became popular?

All this and more with Funky Thinker #127 Angie Baldwin. (pictured)

living on a canal boat

​What is it like living on a canal boat like this one?  All year round?

​If you missed this earlier episode - now is your chance to catch up.

John Clark-Movement for the independence of Northern England

John Clark-Movement for the independence of Northern England

John Clark

Jon Clark came on my radar because he had set up a movement for the independence of northern england.

This didn't crop up on the call - but he did share off mic. that he wasn't sure where to take it or what to do with it.

BUT movement for the independence of northern england as an acronym of MINE. I suspect that his intention is to do a slow burning online campaign.

We did talk about being known and more famous in Australia (or somewhere else in the world) than you are in your hometown.

Of course, with the internet - this is entirely possible - even desirable...

The inner game of Tennis -  - is the bible of all modern sports psychology.

Much the same as Funky Thinker Ronan reckons that Psycho-Cybernetics is the bible on which all self help books are based on.

I still haven't read it yet - Psycho-Cybernetics - I have too big a pile of Tony Robbins books to get through first... (joke)

Why do people say "like" all the time?

We (John and myself) agree that it is a combination of a mental clearing the throat and a verbal tick - transferred to and from similar people you hang out with.

Jon Clarke tattoo 108

Hari Kalymnios-More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios - More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios

In this episode we talked about sunny weather and the way that sun and daylight impacts our performance.

Instead of having an audio alarm to wake you up in a shot, Hari has a light alarm that gets slightly brighter and brighter to wake you up gently. Just like the rays of the sun,

If you want something doing - give it to a busy person is a phrase that has cropped up over time - Hari used it again on the call.

I never realised that JFK had such a reputation with the ladies. Hari would be stuck in a lift (elevator) with Socrates, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. Interesting lift (elevator).

We also discussed Michael Jackson albums and thankfulness we are still alive.

Hari Kalymnios

If you are pushed for time - watch the insight below

Hypnotist Richard Barker

Hypnotist Richard Barker - Turns up in a wizards hat?

Richard Barker Hypnotist

When he is not on TV, Hypnotist Richard Barker works with people who are in need of Funky Thinking.

People who has tried conventional INDUSTRY techniques for stopping smoking, weight loss, depression, virtually everything you can buy a book or some pills for.

They expect him to turn up in a wizards hat...

Richard owns 2 x 16 foot dinosaur props that were in Jurassic Park and rents them out for events at fairgrounds and festivals.

Richard has been to the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands is a small group of Islands just off the coast of South America. The UK went to was with Argentina in 1982. In British culture. the Falkland Islands and the Falklands war is quite a big thing.

We talked about the power of silence, competitors and enemies, TV's in bedrooms.

Richard did something which I thought was a little odd also. He knocked one of his competitors. That's not something guests on the show normally do. Maybe I need to learn how to go on TV and interview celebrities and stars like Richard does if I want to do this.

Brad Pitt (or Paul McKenna) would play Richard in a film.

(If you are interested in more British people living in the USA, You should listen to Tiffany Ann Beverlin.

Richard Barker
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Must you experience a problem first…BEFORE solving it?

#FunkyThinkers - Ben Dell

Ben Dell
ben dell

Ben Dell - From England - woop woop

Ben Dell (we are in a unique club-  Ben vs Benjamin and Jon vs Jonathan) is something of a rarity for the show. 

For some reason, most guests seem to be from the US or Canada with the odd one from Australia or New Zealand. 

We discussed the skill of talking to strangers. (Crops up quite often).

Practicing your pitch for investment. (Most people probably don't do this - verbalise why someone should give you money).

Ben would love to go to Victorian London and Bruce Willis would play him in a film.

You can contact Ben via his twitter or via

ben dell

What happens if you are marooned in the USA?

What happens if you are marooned in the USA?

tiffany ann beverlin
funky thinkers

Tiffany Ann Beverlin -

Tiffany was (in her words) marooned in the USA.

British person, moves to the US for a job, falls in love, gets married, has three kids, gets divoced. Can't take kids out of country without being arrested. Marooned.

I asked lots of inane questions about divorce.

Did you know 1 in 5 divorce petitions in the US specifically mention Facebook.

Tiffany now finds herself the head of a large community of divorced people wanting to get on and move forward in life.

Why let 1 person out of 7 billion spoil your life? 

Good (funky) thinking.

Facebook - we agreed - breeds insecurity and jealousy. It breeds and trains people to be unhappy - it encourages people to check out the competition.

What is needed for a succesful marriage is focus.

Hmmm - I guess you could replace marriage with business... what do you know...

Tiffany would go make to medieval times - hello - not as a servant - but as a noble lady.

Not for the historical perspective - to see how they entertained themselves - with jousters and court jesters etc.

You can contact Tiffany via or her linkedin profile.

This is worth sharing also. Off mic, were talking about emails.

When I heard how many emails Tiffany had in her inbox - I almost fainted...

I had to have a screen shot.  It is below.

tiffany ann beverlin

The accidental activist?

The accidental activist...

Madeleine Black
Madeleine black

Madeleine Black - "Accidental Activist"

I am normally quite knockabout on funky thinkers but Madeleine Black almost embodies the serious side.

If you haven't done already - go and watch the YouTube video below this text.

Madeleine calls herself (or I called her) an accidental activist. Which is a good description when you consider what has happened to her - and what is currently happening in Hollywood and virtually every traditional sport featured on TV.

Her mission is to end sexual violence and she is into powerlifting. (Nice...)

Like many other funky thinkers - Madeleine would go back to some turning point in human history. For her it is the suffragette movement.

Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock would play Madeleine in a film.

Madeleine's tips for surviving life are be honest and be unique.

You can contact Madeleine via or twitter @madblack65

All this guy wrote was that he once survived in London for 6 months with just £100

All this guy wrote was that he once survived in London for 6 months with just £100

ck goldiing
funky thinkers

CK Goldiing - Sheffield/London

Contact via

Quite often, these bios are a combination of what the guest has written when they applied to be on the show, relevant information about what they do - gathered from sources like their LinkedIn, their website about page.

CK Goldiing didn't write a lot on his application - other than that he once survived in London for 6 months with just £100, a bag of clothes and whatever he could make with/for previously unsigned and unknown musicians.

Despite testimonials from Red Bull, Time Out and Exposed Magazine, the layout of his website is pretty minimal.

So what to do? Where to get a bio?

I knew that I had to have him on the show.

Unfortunately, If I said - CK is a writer - you would say meh - I know writers...

If I said CK is a photographer - Hmmmm yeah everyone has a phone...

If I said CK is a voice over artist and presenter... OK well fine...

Never mind all that - all you need to do now is to listen to the interview with CK Goldiing.

I’m coming round the corner in my industry…

#FunkyThinkers - Tarnya Coley

tarnya coley
Tarnya coley

Tarnya Coley  - Manchester

Tarnya Coley is a motivational speaker who seeks to inspire, empower and create awareness to reach their full potential.
She is a firm believer in encouraging clients to be the best version of themselves so they can become everything you set out to do.
Tarnya's desire is to help clients to understand the keys to living a pleasant and fulfilled life. Also exhibiting how they can make those small changes so they can have a better quality of life.
It is important to believe in yourself, because that is where it all starts.
I believe, I can!

I filled my car up with 500 books & hit the road…

I filled my car up with 500 books & hit the road...

debbie anderson

Born in England, Debbie Anderson is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way. 

She has been using Tarot decks and giving intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.  She now lives in Ontario, Canada.

In Debbie's own words...

debbie anderson

Debbie Anderson - Ontario, Canada

I filled my trunk with 500 books & hit the road going from West to Eastern Canada stopping at every store I felt would buy. 5 months & 23,000kms later I sold over 2000 decks.

Big learning curve as I assumed I was not a salesman. 

Still a team of one, grass roots approach, but growing awareness by being authentic not wooey!