What If You Could Have An Online Game Where Teenagers Can Play Against Grandparents (But Have No Special Advantage)?

is built for today. An online family board game any age can play together.

Designed to make time fly. Each game lasts 20 minutes.

FQY was created by the founders of which has aired hundreds of episodes.  Created originally for businesses, we want to make the time more enjoyable today such that you can now play in your front room, against your family & friends anywhere in the world through a web connection.
Everytime you play, someone will be crowned Champion Funkster.

FQY starter pack is designed for difficult financial circumstances, just £9.95 per month and 2-4 people play with the audience choosing the Champion Funkster.


To play Funkquest, players take it in turn to answer thought-provoking questions in an insightful, funny, or just out-of-the-box manner. After each player has answered five questions, the Funkster in charge and any neutral spectators must choose who they believe had the funkiest answers.

You can play anyway you want, but we suggest two-semi final and a final round to find out who in your group is the Champion Funkster! It's the twenty minute conversation that will keep you talking all week. 


Players: 2-4 plus unlimited audience.

Playing time: 20-25 minutes per game.

We suggest 2 semi-finals and final: 70-90 minutes

Ages: 11 - Adult (also check out our kid's edition)

Sound Interesting? Check Out Some Of Our Recorded Playing Sessions!


FQY starter pack is just £9.95 (instant access to FOUR boards - play as often as you want). After the first month, your membership will renew at £9.95. 

Every month you great a great new board to play. (Plus some unexpected bonus goodies along the way).

If you want to cancel your FUNK - Take a ticket at our FUNK desk and you won't be charged anymore.


Q. Do I get access right away?

A. Yes - the instant your payment is cleared.

Q. Do we need super fast internet or fibre?

A. No - FunkQuest is not reliant on a large amount of bandwidth. Your web connection should be stable though...

Q. How do we play against friends and family?

A. You can easily play against friends and family ANYWHERE using screen sharing apps like zoom, skype, messenger, discord or microsoft teams.

Q. How do we access FQY?

A. Access is via managed members area. Login anywhere you can get a web connection. A phone, tablet, smart TV, even a traditional PC will run it. Remember - It is not about the technology, it is about the CONVERSATION.  We recommend a PC or laptop for family play.

Q. Are there any detailed instructions?

A. Yes, your welcome email will contain everything you need to know, plus a few hints and tips to get the most FUNK out.