"We laughed non-stop for 90 minutes..."

(actual FQY player)

Funky Thinkers

FQY is talent contest meets a quiz night...

FQY is built for today. An online family board game any age can play together.

Who will you crown Champion Funkster of your family?

FQY starter pack is just £9.95 (instant access to FOUR boards - play as often as you want). Every month, you get a new FUNKY board for just £9.95. 


Q. Do I get access right away?

A. Yes - As soon as your payment is cleared.

Q. Do we need super fast internet or fibre?

A. No - FQY runs on any stable web connection.

Q. How do we play against friends and family?

A. Easily play against friends and family ANYWHERE using screen sharing apps like zoom, skype, messenger, discord or microsoft teams.

Q. How do we access FQY?

A. Access is via managed members area (The Funksters HQ). Access any web connection. A phone, tablet, smart TV, even a traditional PC will run it. Remember - It is not about the technology, it is about the CONVERSATION.  We recommend a PC or laptop for family play.

Q. Are there any detailed instructions?

A. Yes, your welcome email will contain everything you need to know, plus a few hints and tips to get the most FUNK out.

Q. What happens if I don't like it ?

A. We will give you your money back ?

Q. What happens if I want to cancel?

A. Take a ticket at the FUNKDESK and you won't be charged anymore.