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Jonathan Pritchard – A map is the ultimate magic trick

Jonathan Pritchard
Jonathan Pritchard

Jonathan Pritchard - contact via Jonathan

This was by far one of the most existential conversations we have featured on the show.

Emotional Judo is a real thing - and the dot com is taken. So no point looking.

A map is the ultimate magic trick because if you have a piece of paper in front of you, you will know what is coming round the next corner.

It can't be any map - it must be a specific map - of the place where you are.

And that is the reason to use a consultant or a coach - because they have a map of where you are and what it likely to be round the next corner.

The glass half empty or glass half full thing got a twist. Einstein?

Everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle

I am travelling half way across the world - to a different country - and it is like riding in a bus.

How cool is that?

Or - they don't even have wifi - what suckage...

Captain Cook cropped up.

He was a British explorer and navigator who made the first contact with the east coast of Australia (apart from the people who were already there) and the first circumnavigation of New Zealand.

In three voyages, Cook sailed thousands of miles across largely uncharted areas of the globe. He mapped lands from New Zealand to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean in greater detail and on a scale not previously achieved.

One of his maps is below.

Jonathan Pritchard

Captain Cook map of Australia (approx 1770)

captain cooks map of australia

Modern map of Australia

modern map of australia

Robert McGuinness – social media takes away people’s autonomy

Robert McGuiness
robert mcguiness

Rober McGuiness - 

Contact via

It is odd - and a sign of the times maybe - that often people show up to be on the show and they have already figured out their own version of Funky Thinkers.

Robert McGuiness had an angle that people live in a certain culture meme. And we see that everywhere - in mass market TV, politics, the news.

It takes a certain type of person to break through or break out of that strait jacket. Funky Thinkers.

This episode uses the vehicle of the travel industry to discuss this.

In the 1970's when airfares became affordable - everyone in the UK went to Spain in the summer. (Or Portugal or Greece).

That became the cultural meme.

If there are any budding historians who listen to the show - we would be interested in having you on the show.

Robert thinks you guys are under rated.

There is a link to a show which was on BBC a while back where each episode featured the trials and tribulations of a family - who lived in a specific house in Liverpool.

Outside UK people may be unable to see it.

Plus - if you haven't seen it before - there is the link to the DHL advert virtually proving that nowhere on earth is inaccessible.

Robert also thinks that social media takes away people's autonomy. Never heard it described like that before. In that people are living their lives measuring against what other people like or do or think or buy.

Plus - forget all these apps that bring your food to you. At a time slot of their choosing. Next time I need some takeaway food - I am going to go to the shop - with cash - and buy it. You will have to listen to get the full story.

The twitter user interface cropped up for the first time.... Could do better.

Robert McGuiness

Hudi Kowalsky – Yes you can – (gobble gobble like a turkey)…

Hudi Kowalsky
hudi kowalsky

Hudi Kowalsky - Contact via LinkedIn or

I felt a little awkward after recording this.

Hudi Kowalsky is a born and bred New Yorker.

Because I knew who Top Cat was and he didn't.

A video snippet of the classic Top Cat introduction is below.

(Top Cat is a cartoon version of The Phil Silvers show - Sgt Bilko where a gang of wiseguys continually get one over on the slow witted and generally ineffective "officials".)

I might need to change some of the questions - because the "what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it ?" is starting to become a little awkward.

I think we have proved that all Funky thinkers have a dislike for rudeness, intolerance and general 21st century attitudes.

Watch this space...

Where is the one place - (well two) that if you went to - and could stay there forever - you would meet everyone you had ever met.

The answer is Trafalgar Square - London and Times Square - New York. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Red Square Moscow. CN Tower Toronto.

We talk about what life is like in the ant colony that is New York City - downtown.

Tip - Whatever and however your life is chaotic and busy - you NEED to have something that takes your mind off it. As someone famous once said "It's a rat race and the rats are winning."

Hudi was a child of the 1960's listening to Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Plus the story of the Prince who thought he was a turkey - the answer for treating him. Let him be a Turkey if he wants to be.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who) cropped up as did King Solomon - How did they know he was one of the richest men who ever lived? Did they dig up his bank card?

hudi kowalsky

Dave Blum – Team building that is actually FUN…

Dave Blum - Team building that is actually FUN...

Dave Blum
Dave Blum

Dave Blum - Contact via

Hands up anyone who has been on one of those corporate team building sessions.

Now keep your hands up if you wanted to strangle your fellow team members at the end of the session...

Not so with Funky Thinker 112 - Dave Blum.

Dave runs team building events as scavenger hunts. Anywhere in the world. Solving puzzles, riddles and more. Better than planning to build a dam wall with a few old newspapers and some sticky tape. right?

Also cropped up - trail running & change of lifestyle generally.

Dave would like to get stuck in a lift (or elevator) with Gene Wilder. (Willy Wonka, Blazing saddles and a whole stack more).

Bruce Springsteen cropped up - I think for the first time - as did Elvis Costello - definitely the first time and definitely definitive 1977 cool.

Dave Blum Tattoo 112

Too busy to listen to the full episode ? Watch the extract below.

Never seen Elvis Costello ? Now is your chance

Hari Kalymnios-More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios - More to sleep than meets the eye

Hari Kalymnios

In this episode we talked about sunny weather and the way that sun and daylight impacts our performance.

Instead of having an audio alarm to wake you up in a shot, Hari has a light alarm that gets slightly brighter and brighter to wake you up gently. Just like the rays of the sun,

If you want something doing - give it to a busy person is a phrase that has cropped up over time - Hari used it again on the call.

I never realised that JFK had such a reputation with the ladies. Hari would be stuck in a lift (elevator) with Socrates, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. Interesting lift (elevator).

We also discussed Michael Jackson albums and thankfulness we are still alive.

Hari Kalymnios

If you are pushed for time - watch the insight below

Lieze Lambrecht – we already have a wand

We already have a magic wand...

Lieze Lambrecht
Lieze Lambrecht

Lieze Lebrecht

Contact via

or via Lieze's Facebook group

If you have listened to more than a handful of Funky Thinkers episodes, you will realise that everyone gets the same questions.

It is just my way of stopping those people who come on a show and pitch their product or book or book camp or whatever.

I don't know about you listening - but I sometimes change the questions.

For some reason, when asked the question

"If you had a time machine - where would you go to ?" 

A large percentage of people said ancient Greece, Rome, Aztecs, Incas.

The second question that needed changing was

"If you had a magic wand - what would you get"

Many people would say "Money" or "Time"

Money is good but it is a boring answer. Time just means the money to employ other people to do the junk you don't want to do.

Lieze had the best answer 

"We already have a wand - it is our mind"

THAT IS WHY YOU NEED to listen to Funky Thinkers. To rail away from the salespeople and schill merchants on most other podcasts.

Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton
Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

When we allow ourselves to randomly free flow, conversation allows us to say things we would usually feel constricted against saying.

Usually these days, when people say these things it is often followed by a rant for or against political correctness. 

Obviously we don't do politics on Funky Thinkers.

 But listen how Kim and myself come up with an idea for a domain name and an entire business - just by randomly trash talking.

What is the domain, was it already registered and have either of us made a killing on it?

You will just have to listen to find out.

We also talked about chronic idea disorder, the Wright Brothers, (the flying ones) and sleep.

Contact Kim about all things productivity, planning and efficiency via

Quit bleeping around…

Quit bleeping around...

Quit bleeping around...

Christina specializes in super achieving and it is her personal mission to help individuals achieve more in life. She accomplishes this mission through her company, Quit Bleeping Around, and has published a series of books as well as a podcast show, all of which can be accessed at

Christina has a B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership, an M.S. in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

In the episode, we discuss Fort Boyard and there is a full episode below for you to enjoy...

Plus jump over to Christina's site to get the goodies we talked about.