Above the bustling town of Huddersfield the suburb of Almondbury has two Red Telephone Boxes. This is the more FUNKY of the 2.

This box is outside the All Hallows Church and is VERY FUNKY

At one side not only has it got a working telephone (Funky enough you may say) but the phone is outside the actual box.
But wait, this box has a second task to do.
At the the left side of the box there is an ATM cash machine. 

And you thought you could multitask...

The Address is

Every phone box we visit is sorted and ranked according to one simple question. "What is it doing now to support the local community and keep the conversation going?" The best are added to a league table featuring the top 5 so far. This episode from Almondbury is a new entry at number 3 in the all time funkiest phone box. Well done Almondbury - see you in the funkiest phone box awards for August 2021.