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You go WHERE for inspiration?

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Kerry Kathleen Heaps is on funky thinkers - so what? Read on...

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Kerry Kathleen Heaps

When people talk about "inspiration" - it is easy for all the normalite templates to come flooding out.

If you go to any picture sharing site for instance and type in inspiration - you will get light bulbs, people sat around "brainstorming" 

What if you said that you went to a place where it isn't socially acceptable to go - to get your "inspiration"

You will have to listen to the interview to get the answer - but suffice to say if this place gets the kind of ideas that Kerry has - we will kind of keep it a secret.

I mean everyone in the world can't be a funky thinker can they? 

Nor would they want to be when you hear where you need to go.

I mention funky thinker Tiffany Ann Beverlin - You can find that on this link.

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Kerry seems to be hiding her face as she is inducted as a funky thinker - when really there is no need to...


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  • Kerry says:

    Thank you again for letting me be on the show, it was Funky! 🙂

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