Will you join us in the search for the Funkiest people in Yorkshire?

A contest to find and crown the team with the FUNKIEST insights into Yorkshire history, music, food and culture...

Entries are open for teams of two funksters to be on this Yorkshire FunkQuest special. (The rest of the world calls these podcasts). With a population bigger than Finland and Norway, bigger than Ireland and bigger than New Zealand, we will be finding out what makes this would-be country tick.

The team with the biggest insights and funkiest stories about God's own county will be crowned the winners.
Yorkshire folk are rarely show of an opinion on most things. The question is...
Does your team have the unique wit and wisdom to be crowned the Grand Champion Funksters of Yorkshire?


FunkQuest is an old fashioned talking game. The person with the most interesting and funkiest stories wins...

Which of these Yorkshire landmarks do you know? How many stories can you tell?

Where were you when the Tour de France came to Yorkshire? What interesting place do you know in the Dales? When was the last time you went to the horse racing, the cricket, the football? Which is the best museum in Yorkshire?

Get on the show and tell us and we could crown you the FUNKIEST people in Yorkshire.


Insightful, genuine conversation in a fun, lighthearted environment.
(Who doesn't want that these days???)

1. Teams of 2 must both live or work in Yorkshire.
2. Standard FunkQuest rules apply. (No swearing, no politics and no religion).
3. The episode is recorded, edited and published to YouTube and all major podcast platforms.
4. The team with the most votes when voting closes go through to the next round.
5. The winners of the final are the Grand Champion Funksters of Yorkshire.