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Why a flooded basement was good for Mary Shores

mary shores
Mary Shores

Mary Shores - Contact via www.maryshores.com

Was was Mary pleased  delighted when she got flooded and all the contents of her basement were flooded?

What if the basement (or cellar as we call them) was a metaphor for your mind?

I have heard this before with people who has 10,000 unopened emails. 

You are subconsciously carrying round all this junk in your head. 

You need to deal with this ALL THE TIME.

We also talk about uncomfortable emails, people taking control of their own health and lives in general.

I also reported on the book "Wilful blindness" which I started reading.

Mary likes to sleep (always good), take a good bubble bath and - shock horror - read books to find out stuff.

Mary Shores

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