Which are the most painful years of your life?

Which are the most painful years of your life?

Hi everybody Jon Senior here - question - which are the most painful years of your life?
I would say your middle teens

As small children we are taught to fit in

Stand in line

Wait your turn

Despite what they say - schools often travel at the speed of the slowest pupils.

Standing out often gets you ridicule from your peers.

It's easier for comprehensive schools - with everything else they have to do to create vanilla children.

Children who are


Non competitive

Participation medal winning


It makes the percent charts look better you see.

And when the child gets to their middle teens and maybe apply for a job or University.

All of a sudden they have to stand out.

And all politicians can do is argue about who spends the most on education

Stand up and Get the Funk Out! It will make the rest of your life and theirs more enjoyable!

people are unable to follow simple instructions

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