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What's coming round the corner? More BS marketing...

Tom Poland
funky thinkers

Tom Poland - Gold Coast Australia

You can forget the latest Instagram addons or apps to solve a problem you never had in the first place. If Tom had a time machine, he would travel back to ancient Greece to witness the birth of democracy.

How funky is that?

To witness the thought processes as things happened that would bring about such a profound change in human history.

And talking of the birth of democracy, if Tom had a magic wand, he would use it to create one time zone for the whole world.

Quite obviously, although we might love being there at the birth of democracy, we aren't one as Tom would impose Australian time on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, Tom sees more BS coming round the corner in business and marketing.

If you don't know what Caveat Emptor means, it would be a good time to find out.

Preferably sometime soon.

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