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What is virtually guaranteed to make restaurant owners listen?

Michael Sherlock
funky thinkers

Michael Sherlock - A woman with a man's name. How shocking (and funky).

michael sherlock

Michael Sherlock at the top of the Rocky steps - Philadelphia Art museum.

Michael Sherlock currently lives in Philadelphia. If you know your film history, you will know that the Philadelphia Art Museum steps were immortalised in the film Rocky.

There is a photo of Michael at the top of the steps below.

In this episode, we talk about editing our books and caring for loved ones.

Michael has an EXTREMELY innovative methodology for engagement with restaurants in Philadelphia. Totally different to all the normalite customer service claptrap. 

Michael's scheme is virtually guaranteed to make restaurant owners listen. (You will need to listen to the episode to find out more).

In her time machine, Michael would travel to ancient Greece (or Egypt), Just like Funky Thinker Tom.

Cameron Diaz would play Michael in a film.

Michael is currently reading "The Sixth Extinction" which is below.

Michael's top 3 tips for survival in the mad crazy world that we live in.

1. Write a journal.

2. Exercise for 30 minutes every day.

3. Meditate. (This crops up quite often).


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