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What happens if you are marooned in the USA?

tiffany ann beverlin
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Tiffany Ann Beverlin - Dreamsrecycled.com

Tiffany was (in her words) marooned in the USA.

British person, moves to the US for a job, falls in love, gets married, has three kids, gets divoced. Can't take kids out of country without being arrested. Marooned.

I asked lots of inane questions about divorce.

Did you know 1 in 5 divorce petitions in the US specifically mention Facebook.

Tiffany now finds herself the head of a large community of divorced people wanting to get on and move forward in life.

Why let 1 person out of 7 billion spoil your life? 

Good (funky) thinking.

Facebook - we agreed - breeds insecurity and jealousy. It breeds and trains people to be unhappy - it encourages people to check out the competition.

What is needed for a succesful marriage is focus.

Hmmm - I guess you could replace marriage with business... what do you know...

Tiffany would go make to medieval times - hello - not as a servant - but as a noble lady.

Not for the historical perspective - to see how they entertained themselves - with jousters and court jesters etc.

You can contact Tiffany via Dreamsrecycled.com or her linkedin profile.

This is worth sharing also. Off mic, were talking about emails.

When I heard how many emails Tiffany had in her inbox - I almost fainted...

I had to have a screen shot.  It is below.

tiffany ann beverlin

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