Someone somewhere should register this domain and make a fortune.

Toni Bubb
Toni Bubb

Toni Bubb 

Houston, Texas, USA

Toni is great - just full stop.

But initially because she could identify her product or creation in terms of comparing it to something that most people can relate to.

A for professional services providers and coaches.

Makes it easy for people to conceptualise - because it is effectively piggy backing the advertising of

We talked about having the emotional intelligence of knowing when to talk to someone on a plane or train, and when to stay silent.

Someone somewhere should register and make a fortune.

Unlimited travel would be Toni's ideal thing.

We talked about the trickle down effect of both parents having/needing to work full time - in a lousy job - which impacts their parenting skills - because they are too tired to actually do any - which impacts the behaviour and aspirations of their children.

Superwoman would play Toni in a film.

She can be contacted via or linkedin

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We talk about The Pointer Sisters also - and here they are...

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