​Chances are you know someone who has a teenager who rarely comes out. (Even for meals).
It's easy to think that now the World Health Organisation (WHO) has made gaming addication an illness, you will be able to buy something at the supermarket to treat your little cherubs addiction

​Is product design important for medicines?

​Western countries need to put a label on something. So it can be easily understood by the masses. Product design applies to vitamin tablets just as much as it does to kids clothes. Which pep me up tonic are you going to buy? The one with a packet design showing the perfect family (Implies they have used the product) or the one with the slightly miserable looking chemist/pharmacist type figure. Because what you need and makes you good is going to hurt...

You could take a Funky Thinkers viewpoint. One that goes counter to the main stream. See past the product design, women with large breasts and men with large muscles and other point of sale junk.

​What is gaming addiction?

​A gaming addiction, according to the World Health Organisation says "the behaviour pattern must be “of sufficient severity to result
in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning.”
Now that's interesting because, theoretically, virtually any behaviour could be bordering on addictive.
Know someone who is regularly late for work because they are watching a TV show?
Chances are they are addicted. Because it has an impact on their "occupational functioning." (Great phrase...)

​Why are some addictions tolerated?

​Funky Thinkers find it interesting that certain addictions are tolerated and encouraged while others are still very much in the shadows.

A whole industry has grown up around weight loss and diet. (Fodd addiction). Go down to your local supermarket. You will find rows and rows of brightly designed packets of pills and potions.

Go down to your local charity or second hand shop. You will find piles and piles of second hand fitness DVD's and equipment.

So why isn't everyone looking like a supermodel? Food addiction is still somewhat socially acceptable. Cake culture is abound in most workplaces.

Combine this with other addictions like pornography. Pornography addicts don't go to the supermarket to buy treatments, or pills and potions. Because it is socially unacceptable, they are forced to look for solutions online. (You know - the place where porn can be found...)

​Can you be addicted to anything?

​Yes of course. Funky Thinkers think that addiction to anything shows lack of balance. All things in moderation.
There are a lot of well paid academics and IT people from large corporations, (from Microsoft downwards) discussing and debating the question "Is it possible to be addicted to computer games?"

We don't know if it is actually possible. We can all cite anecdotal evidence from people that we know and friends of friends. We care less about academic discussions. Funky Thinkers are into living life. Enjoying the journey.

Who did you meet on the way to the supermarket? What did you learn? Anything FUNKY?

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​Game addiction and computer hype is nothing new.

​The story goes that when windows 95 first came out, people went out and bought it, despite them not actually owning a computer.

The hype? Windows95 was the first operating system to be shipped on a cd rather than a box of 3.5 inch floppy discs. (Remember those?)

Where is that windows 95 disc now?

Same place as every other computer game and piece of technology from the last 20 years. Either in a landfill or sat gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.

​After all, when you are on your death bed,do you think you will be saying

"If only I had finished the complete series of that game and beat my buddies, I can die happy"

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