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Funky Thinkers Prism – One problem goes in – multiple solutions come out…

The Funky Thinkers Prism is where traditional thinkers (normalites) enter to discover what Funky Thinkers already know about business and life lessons.

Our group of problem solvers with tremendous business insights - instead of guru's telling you what to do - we are real people doing real things -  will meet with you ​online to address a single problem. We will put ALL our physical and mental resources into helping you with one major insight - to accept that your problems are not unique.

Help is out there. Confidential, secure, personal, honest help.

Business is hard and the internet will let you read and watch for hours on end about how you can do all kinds of things. Reading about the "success" of others is just a click away. 

funky thinkers prism

The internet is great at helping you bite off more than you can chew.

The internet will waste your time and money, throttle your self confidence and have you spinning your wheels in a frenzy of being busy for it's own sake.

The Funky Thinkers prism will lift you above all this nonsense.

​Most of the rest of the world will get you on the phone for a "strategy call" - where they will plan how to put your logo on what they already have.

​In the prism - we will hit the ground running - solving YOUR problems.

The Funky Thinkers Prism will not just get you somewhere, we will give you concrete help to fish where the fish are.
Your initial commitment to the Prism is ONE visit. (Virtual meeting - geographic location is irrelevant to good ideas).
After securing success on your first visit into the Funky Thinkers PRISM, you can become a member for ONLY 1 year. 
Your first visit is just £99.

I know from past experience that you will get ideas and insight worth 10 times more.

You will slap your head with aha moment after aha moment.

funky thinkers prism

The Funky Thinkers Prism will open your eyes wider than they have ever been opened before.

Should you choose, ONE YEAR membership (full fee) is £995. 

We do not artificially inflate the price to discount it. This is billed as £​79.95 per month. A steal.

You MUST schedule your initial visit - (£99) before we accept you.

To schedule your first visit to the Funky Thinkers prism - ​click the button below.

funky thinkers prism

The Funky Thinkers Prism is a virtual private, guests not permitted at any price event. You will need a webcam, a microphone and a decent internet connection. We will send you details of how to connect after your payment has cleared.

The Funky Thinkers Prism isn't for everyone. If you are worried that your initial visit will be some kind of sales shtick. No need to be. If you need to work out if I am your guy. I probably am not. Please go and listen to one of my duologues. Pick one or two that closely match your industry. Listen to it and then get back to me. Here is the link.