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The accidental activist...

Madeleine Black
Madeleine black

Madeleine Black - "Accidental Activist"

I am normally quite knockabout on funky thinkers but Madeleine Black almost embodies the serious side.

If you haven't done already - go and watch the YouTube video below this text.

Madeleine calls herself (or I called her) an accidental activist. Which is a good description when you consider what has happened to her - and what is currently happening in Hollywood and virtually every traditional sport featured on TV.

Her mission is to end sexual violence and she is into powerlifting. (Nice...)

Like many other funky thinkers - Madeleine would go back to some turning point in human history. For her it is the suffragette movement.

Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock would play Madeleine in a film.

Madeleine's tips for surviving life are be honest and be unique.

You can contact Madeleine via or twitter @madblack65


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