Usage of ​Funky Thinkers products and services constitutes customer’s acceptance of this billing policy. ​

All accounts are set up on a prepaid basis – ​in British pounds sterling (GBP). Payment must be received before any product or service is provided/activated. Customers are required to keep a valid credit/debit card on file to charge for recurring monthly subscription fees and one-time or multi-pay consulting fees.

​We do not accept international cheques.

Subscription billing is based on availability of products and services, not on usage.

Customers are responsible for keeping all credit/debit card details and contact information current. 

All recurring subscriptions are automatically invoiced and charged to the credit/debit card on file.

Billing Cycle

Credit/Debit Card Billing: All credit/debit cards are automatically charged on the customer’s specific billing cycle date. If the credit/debit card is declined, ​Funky Thinkers will attempt to charge the card on file for 30 days.

Late Fee: All accounts more than 30 days past due may be assessed a late fee. No fewer than three attempts to contact the customer will be made before any late fee is assessed.

Delinquent Accounts: All accounts 60 days past due will be submitted to a third-party collection service.


Late Fee: ​Funky Thinkers may ​add a 5% late fee for accounts 30 days past due (5% of the amount due).

Chargebacks: If a customer initiates a chargeback, We may assess a £50.00 processing fee for each individual chargeback.

​Cheques: ​​Cheques are not accepted ​as a form of payment.

Collections Fee: In the event an account is submitted to a third-party collections service, a £30.00 processing fee may be assessed to the existing account balance. This fee is in addition to any other fees previously assessed on the account.

Interest: Any charges not paid when due are subject to interest at a rate equal to the lesser of: (i) one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month; or (ii) the maximum interest rate allowed by applicable law.

Subscription Billing

Invoices are generated and payments are collected at the beginning of each billing period. Customer billing periods typically begin on the day of the month in which customers purchase their membership or recurring product. Customers may cancel their subscriptions at any time. ​We will not ​refund any portion of unused subscription services.

Payment Methods

​We accepts payment via credit/debit card only. ​

Refund policy – Online training

All individual training courses (not subscription services) are available with their own individual product guarantees. See the relevant product page for details. This is in addition to your statutory rights which are that you have the right to cancel withing 7 days of receiving your product or service and we will refund your payment in full.

Cancellations – Subscription products and services. 

Cancellations ​services at any time.

Cancellation of an account does not dismiss outstanding invoices. At the time of cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance may be automatically turned over to a third-party collection service.

Billing Disputes

As a current or prior customer of ​Funky Thinkers, each customer agrees to provide ​us with 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank. ​Funky Thinkers must be the first option in billing disputes. Should we receive a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the customer’s behalf before ​we have been given a chance to resolve the issue, ​we have the right to collect on the rendered services and any fees associated with those disputes. Regardless of the outcome of the chargeback, We retains the right to collect on any rendered services or fees that are due. ​Funky Thinkers will submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency. Once a chargeback has been received, ​we will immediately suspend the account until the matter is resolved.

Customer conduct

​Customers using foul and abusive language on messages to and from our FunkDesk (helpdesk) or in phone/video calls will have any and all memberships immediately terminated with no refunds.

Access to FunkQuest

​Access is granted to one named person. (Access FunkQuest via email). Our Funkdesk team will be on hand to answer queries and questions from that named person. If they leave or change jobs - just let us know.  Any sharing of passwords and unauthorised access will​ result in any and all memberships immediately terminated with no refunds.

Refunds & Guarantees

Fees for on-site consulting services (​The prism, ​The prism live, and ​hosting your FunkQuest and FunkQuest live) include a money-back guarantee. The guarantee entitles the customer to

1) cancel their order prior to delivery of ​the services and receive a full refund or

2) cancel their order prior to the end of the consulting engagement for a full refund. Specifically, a customer must notify a ​Funky Thinkers representative in-person prior to departing from the ​event.

All work product created by ​Funky Thinkers prior to and during the consulting engagement must be turned over and may not be used by customer without express written permission​. ​As soon as you or we leave the consulting event/engagement, the guarantee expires permanently and fees become nonrefundable.

Legal enforcement

These terms and conditions shall be enforced under the laws of England & Wales. Any physical meeting require to deal with such disputes shall take place in Sheffield, England.

These terms may be modified at any time and a copy will always be available on this page.