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Lisa-Marie Platske – I am GOING to be marooned on a desert Island?

 Lisa-Marie Platske - I am GOING to be marooned on a desert Island?

Lisa-Marie Platske
Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa- Marie PLatske - Contact via

Lisa-Marie Platske put a bit of a fly in the oitment as far as the carefully prepared questions go.

As I have said before - although they may look flippant and easy. They are harder than they appear.

Lisa-Marie blasted a whole - port side - through the desert Island question.

If you are pushed for time - be sure to watch the insight video below. It will give you the skinny.

Will children born today have better or worse lives than their parents?

The answer - it depends - opportunity is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

Lisa-Marie shared with us how her life flashed before her in a market square in Ethiopia.

What would you do if you thought you were going to die? (Maybe I should start to include that as a question). What do you think?

Lisa-Marie came up with a new phrase - "Connection is the new currency" which we are adding to the Funky Thinkers stable.

Lisa-Marie Platske tattoo 109

Too busy to listen to the full episode?
Watch the extract below.

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey contact via

I had spoke to Alison before Funky Thinkers was born - about a webinar series.

I seem to recall that we had a Funky Thinkers style conversation which I really should have recorded.

Anyways - on the show proper - we saw the birth (maybe) of Funky Thinkers anti political correctness - and not in the foul mouthed obscene shouting that I can go onto twitter to find easily enough.

Instead of figuring out what to call somebody - maybe we should spend the time (and expense) in getting to know them.

Maybe that will involve a little more effort than putting people in boxes.

Alison has been called an angry white male. Ahh the joy of virtual conversations - (clue - look at the picture to the left of the screen).

Alison would want to get stuck in a lift with Jordan Peterson.

And also - Keanu Reeves - not for obvious reasons - what ever they are - but to ask him what he is really like.

I have included the twitter page of Italian soccer player Mario Ballotelli - once threw a dart at a team mate. Note what it says in his bio...

Oh and there is a map which you need to listen to the show to understand what it is...

Alison Dongahy_Tattoo101
mario ballotelli twitter

Plus - where you would actually end up if you went due west from Vancouver Island....

pacific ocean

Hope Zvara – A yoga teacher targeting truck drivers.

Hope Zvara - A yoga teacher targeting truck drivers.

Hope Zvara
Hope Zvara

Hope Zvara - Contact via

The normalite way of thinking is to try and work harder and harder than your competitor.

There are loads of tools and software out there to scan for backlinks and reverse engineer what people are doing.

Instead of going on endless fools errands and blind alleys figuring which of these tools to use (and paying for the privilege), Hope Zvara took a different approach.

By the way - the top results for Yoga on YouTube is Yoga with Adrienne. She has almost 4 million subscribers and over 400 videos. 

Do you think you can compete with that?

NO I thought not.

What Hope Zvara has done is to take work a bi smarter.

Who is the typical audience for conventional yoga teachers like Adrienne?

Students, semi pro and wanna be semi pro athletes.

Who would benefit from Yoga?

ummm - everybody.

So by dropping all the ritual chanting and other stuff, Hope Zvara has written herself into the Funky Thinkers text book.

(When you get to a stop sign - Instead of drumming your fingers on the dashboard - think of this as a queue to turn your head to the left and the right...)

Hope Zvara

The first funky thinkers threesome…

#FunkyThinkers - Simone and Malcolm Collins

simone and malcolm collins
simone and malcolm collins

Simone and Malcolm Collins

This was a first for funky thinkers. Our first threesome. That is - two guests. 

In the mix today, the leapfrog effect - it is something to do with technology and developing countries, The psychology of mass appeal sports and the come back of old school service industries. Like the travel agent or the guy in the brown overalls at the local bike shop. (LBS as we call it).

It is the unwanted spin off of the internet. Person buys part for bike (or washing machine or whatever), can't for the life of them figure out how to make it work - has to consult tradesperson skilled in such tasks.

Paul Gascoigne

The iconic image of Paul Gascoigne crying into the England shirt after England lost the 1990 World Cup semi-final in Turin on penalties. Worth studying if you are interested in the mass appeal of sport and it's impact on people.

simone and malcolm collins

Simone & Malcolm Collins were pleased to be on - as you can see.

Buy The pragmatist's guide to life below.

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Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth – NO problem…

Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth - NO problem...

Ira Pastor
ira pastor

Ira Pastor - Contact via

Ira Pastor is the first "real" science guy we have had on the show.

We talked about animals that can regrow a backbone or a skull casing or an eyeball if it happened to lose one. The psychology behind self driving cars. (We have had self driving planes for years so you know).

Ira is a funky thinker in a trillion dollar industry (the pharmaceutical one) relying on something made in Victorian times. (penicillin).

Ira also made two interesting predictions. Well actually one is a prediction and one is an interesting viewpoint.

The first is that someone would be brought back from clinically, legal dead, back to life WITHING TEN YEARS. I did press him to make this a funky thinkers exclusive but it turns out, he had already predicted it. 

The second viewpoint is that mother nature could sweep the human race from the face of the earth any time she chose to.

We are CLINGING on to life. So it makes sense to make the most of it.

ira pastor

What’s coming round the corner? More BS marketing…

What's coming round the corner? More BS marketing...

Tom Poland
funky thinkers

Tom Poland - Gold Coast Australia

You can forget the latest Instagram addons or apps to solve a problem you never had in the first place. If Tom had a time machine, he would travel back to ancient Greece to witness the birth of democracy.

How funky is that?

To witness the thought processes as things happened that would bring about such a profound change in human history.

And talking of the birth of democracy, if Tom had a magic wand, he would use it to create one time zone for the whole world.

Quite obviously, although we might love being there at the birth of democracy, we aren't one as Tom would impose Australian time on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, Tom sees more BS coming round the corner in business and marketing.

If you don't know what Caveat Emptor means, it would be a good time to find out.

Preferably sometime soon.

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