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Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth – NO problem…

Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth - NO problem...

Ira Pastor
ira pastor

Ira Pastor - Contact via

Ira Pastor is the first "real" science guy we have had on the show.

We talked about animals that can regrow a backbone or a skull casing or an eyeball if it happened to lose one. The psychology behind self driving cars. (We have had self driving planes for years so you know).

Ira is a funky thinker in a trillion dollar industry (the pharmaceutical one) relying on something made in Victorian times. (penicillin).

Ira also made two interesting predictions. Well actually one is a prediction and one is an interesting viewpoint.

The first is that someone would be brought back from clinically, legal dead, back to life WITHING TEN YEARS. I did press him to make this a funky thinkers exclusive but it turns out, he had already predicted it. 

The second viewpoint is that mother nature could sweep the human race from the face of the earth any time she chose to.

We are CLINGING on to life. So it makes sense to make the most of it.

ira pastor