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Free thinking is not FUNKY THINKING

​What does being a free thinker mean?

​Here is the thing - Free thinking is not Funky thinking

People want to be on Funky Thinkers - when they have little idea what it is.

Yoga sandals, cycling shorts and a backpack does not a FUNKY THINKER make.

It just means you are following someone else's tribe - donning their uniform and ideas.

There is no magical mystical secret

Bored by BREXIT? Apparently MP’s are too…

​One of the most significant events in the history of the United Kingdom is being played out on the news channels as a sports event.

Trade agreements and sovreignty have replaced the sweeper system versus the flat back four as the discussion of choice for pundits.

And it's a BAD LOOK for elected members of parliament - to be fiddling on phones and generally not paying attention.

Paying money to go to an event and watching it on your phone is nuts…

​Why do people spend time, effort and money going to an event and then spend all the performance fiddling with a phone?

​Arms in the air irritate everyone around them.

Whatever you record will be poor quality and you can only ever experience an event once.

What real life problem do you make go away?

​If you go to a social network like LinkedIn or any business oriented FaceBook group, there will be dozens of people talking about their product, service or treatment. 

Unfortunately, this will be of no interest to anyone but themselves (and maybe their mum & dad) because it doesn't solve a problem or make some pain go away.

Why are you doing the 10 year challenge?

I do not understand why anyone would subject themselves to this 10-year challenge of posting a picture of yourself 10 years ago on Facebook. Do you look better now than you did then? If Privacy is an issue, why are you helping the folks in AI get better at replicating you and find out how you age?

Why choose to be a rat in a rat trap?

Are you hoping for your 15 minutes of fame? WIn the Lottery?

Why must you follow the herd?

Ordering something on an app

Ordering something on an app is the cool and trendy thing to do.

BUT - delivery times can be hit and miss.

Prices can be more expensive - restaurants and takeaways have to pay money for the privilege of being listed on the app.

Who do you think pays for that?

Get the FUNK out - go down to the take away - at a time of your choice - and talk to someone...