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How to get stuff cheap

​Obviously I can't get out and about at the moment, so this is a desk bound rant.  (Note my slazenger t-shirt also - just to show you that this stuff gets everywhere).

People talking about boycotting various shops because they wanted to stay open.

There is an alternative to flocking to the cheap store.

Head to ebay and search for what you want.

Be VERY specific about size, make, colour etc.

In the case of running shoes, I am looking for people who have bought the wrong size, bought some and decided that running isn't for them.

Either way - you are looking for people with motivation to sell.

Once you have put in your requirements - click the save button. (On my phone it looks like a little heart icon).  You will get a push notification and/or an email.

You can do this for virtually anything. I have recently picked up a book by saving a search for the ISBN number.

Have fun and stay funky.

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