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Tristan Wright- The trouble with emoticons…

Tristan Wright - The trouble with emoticons...

Tristan Wright
Tristan Wright

Tristan Wright - contact via

One of the problems with modern technology is that there is no rule book.

Centuries of learned behaviour are being slowly and painfully ripped up.

Like the power of body language.

Verbal non verbals - The power of "Ummm" and "aha" and gestures are almost always underestimated.

Watch and listen as Australian business strategist Tristan Wright uncovers a gem with regard to text messages.

We also discuss extreme high achieving people, the formality of business and suit & tie vs soft shoes and no tie.

Alanis Morrisette cropped up for the first time, as did Celine Dion.

Tristan Wright tattoo 96

Maggie Georgopolous – Up the ladder in a skirt

Maggie Georgopolous - Up the ladder in a skirt

Maggie Georgopolous
Maggie Georgopoulos

Maggie Georgopolous

contact via

How far is it from Australia to Scotland?

Answer:Well you can probably figure out that it's a long way.

What is it like to swim in open water in Scotland? We talk about this.

We also talk about what the impact of Prince William and Prince Harry talking about mental health.

We talk about local councils collecting data for the sake of collecting data - and maybe - just maybe to stick posters up on the wall saying

"We support your mental health" 

We talked about burnout in the fitness industry.

Maggie's most unusual place she has visited is Libya and Iraq (Erbil) and the difference between ancient ruins there and ancient ruins in places that are more built up - like Greece and Rome.

Remember though - don't try this at home kids - they probably aren't the safest places to go...

maggie georgopolous

Do you curate your own content

#FunkyThinkers - Do you curate your own content? Ronan Leonard does...

Ronan Leonard
funky thinkers

Ronan Leonard - Once worked on a cruise ship...

In answer to my question, why do people fail to show up or keep an appointment, Ronan's answer was that they have trouble following through. Could be an issue with self confidence, anything. 

It blew my theory that they are just flaky out of the water...

We talked about people being "sheeple" and just drifting through life.

Ronan curates his own content. That is, instead of say watching the news, which, regardless of what channel you subscribe to, is someone else's view of what is important.

How much better to chose what goes into your head yourself? Much smarter...

What’s coming round the corner? More BS marketing…

What's coming round the corner? More BS marketing...

Tom Poland
funky thinkers

Tom Poland - Gold Coast Australia

You can forget the latest Instagram addons or apps to solve a problem you never had in the first place. If Tom had a time machine, he would travel back to ancient Greece to witness the birth of democracy.

How funky is that?

To witness the thought processes as things happened that would bring about such a profound change in human history.

And talking of the birth of democracy, if Tom had a magic wand, he would use it to create one time zone for the whole world.

Quite obviously, although we might love being there at the birth of democracy, we aren't one as Tom would impose Australian time on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, Tom sees more BS coming round the corner in business and marketing.

If you don't know what Caveat Emptor means, it would be a good time to find out.

Preferably sometime soon.

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#FunkyThinkers – Jill Brennan

#FunkyThinkers - Jill Brennan

jill brennan
jill brennan

Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan has worked with many small business owners that are overwhelmed by the complexity of marketing their products or services and frustrated by their reliance on ‘marketing types’ that sell them what they have rather than what the business needs. Jill realized there was a gap in the market for marketing specialists to provide coaching and training to empower small businesses to develop their own internal marketing resources that suit their business.

The Approach...
Jill takes a hands-on, practical approach to helping small businesses develop marketing expertise and systems that are repeatable and scalable. This enables your own internal marketing smarts to expand to meet your needs without losing any valuable knowledge and experience gained along the way.

After returning from a stint overseas, Jill setup her own business to sell products online. While her first product was not successful, she gained valuable (and expensive!) insights into what worked and what didn’t. She was then able to use that experience to run successful marketing campaigns for a range of companies in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

I know which one I would take home to meet my mum…

I know which one I would take home to meet my mum...

helen blunden

Helen Blunden - Melbourne, Australia

From Navy Blue to Corporate Grey, after 10 years in military (& additional 11 years in the Reserves), I went into corporate into Training departments only to realise that 'knowledge workers' were not being prepared for changes in their jobs, work and life. Focus is now helping people to learn how to learn so that they can manage information, build networks, engage in communities and build their own professional identity and reputation online through social networks and platforms.

Who would play Helen Blunden in a film?

elaine benes

Elaine Benes from Seinfeld ?


Fran from Blackbooks. ?

I know which one I would take home to meet my mum...