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Stakeholder Funksters

If your business has stopped but your social accounts still work - we can help.

FQY helps you brighten someones day. Have fun - make money.

You benefit - using your existing social accounts.

What's the deal with being a stakeholder?

We provide promotional banners and other material and pay you for every new Funky Thinker who signs up for an FQY product.

FQY makes each day more positive.

FQY gets people talking. Makes no difference if it is the HR or sales team or a 10 year old talking to his 70 year old Grandad, FQY helps you get the FUNK out.

Sample banners are below. Use these on your social accounts TODAY to make money...

Play FQY
Stakeholder Funksters 2

There are stacks more banners and other FUNKY stuff inside to make your social profiles really SING.

Frequently asked questions.

What on earth is FQY?

Proven over 150 podcast episodes, FunkQuest is a PROVEN way to get people talking. Now you can play FunkQuest Yourself (FQY).

Can non UK stakeholders apply?

Yes - It's the world wide web right? Everyone is welcome.

How often do you pay?

We pay out monthly to your paypal account.

What commissions do you pay?

For FQY corporate, the commission is £40 (recurs each month), for home/corona virus special editions (Sports, Movies, Music, Yorkshire etc) it is £3 per sale and again, continues as long as the customer remains a Funkster.

A sample FQY board is below. Members get a NEW fresh board every month. (While you still get commissions...)

FunkQuest board