​​​Every coach and consultant and local circuit guru that preaches about networking always talks about ​the six degrees of separation.

Even that fount of all knowledge which we look for in times when we don't know something starts with Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other.

Notice that? It says "IDEA" - rather than fact or formula or something scientific.

What's so bad about a single social share?

Everyone is pushing pushing pushing.

When was the last time you shared something THAT DIDN'T INVOLVE OR INCLUDE YOU?

Bet it was a while ago.

Your next task is to count up all the times stuff appears in your social feed with NO REASON WHY you should look at it?

A blog post, a podcast, a video. Whatever.

Dumped in your time line. With no explanation.

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​What a better idea it would be if you took the time to craft a personal message with a reason why?

Better for you and certainly better for them.

And let's see if we can prove or disprove this six degrees of separation.

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